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How do I cut deeper !?!?!?

Hey 13 male and I sick and tried of geeting bullied so I cut I never have been able to go we're I bleed really bad and I want that I have scratches were I've tried to go deep :( I wanna leave scares I use a sharp kitchen knife like almost a steak Kfine but note that sharp and I can't the razor blades out of the razor so how do I cut deeper without the razor

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    You seem like you are addicted to pain. Get yourself out of it. Don't let the bullies ruin your life like this. Be strong. Nobody will help you be strong. You need to do this on your own. Now get up and get out there instead of sulking in a corner cutting yourself. If you can't love yourself, how will you ever be able to love others. Don't take yourself for granted.

    If you don't treat yourself good, nobody can treat you good. Your body is the temple of your soul. RESPECT IT !

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    Well you'd need to sharpen your kitchen knife on a spinning, metallic, steel. But you may not have that, so I know you can't get the blades out, but why not shave off your skin, shave vigorously until you shave off layers of skin, this will give larger scars and quantity of blood.

    If you want to know a place that will bleed the most it would probably be the part of your arm beneath your palm of your hand, where the veins and most pronounced.

    Try injections, they are very sharp and don't hurt as much, but when you inject your self, quickly puncture it through your skin, this will give a larger wound and more bleeding, it would also be deeper, but not very wide, so do this several times. The more times you do it the better because each time the sharpness of the needle will become blunt, thus giving larger injuries.

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    Ok cutting yourself isnt good but youre certainly not stupid for doing it. As far as the comment just stop,thats kinda stupid as people cant just stop doing these types of behaviours,it is far from an attention seeking act. You are crying out for someone to help you. The only way you are going to over come this is if you talk to someone. Try to stop doing this and PLEASE talk to someone anyone even if its a stranger on a helpline. When you are a teenager you often feel there is no way out of a situation or anyway of making things better. There always is and thats why you need to express these feelings to an adult.If you start to talk to someone this will help you,its amazing how sharing a feeling can help you deal with it. These people that are bullying you are not worth your pain. I hope you sort this out because your life is worth much more than this ! xxxx

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    Hay I know what you are going through and yah life sucks if you can't get the razor blades out of the razor just try smashing it in the ground the cheep ones are much easier to break now that I sad this I wouldn't start cutting deeper because its even more addicting

    Source(s): Personal experience
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    Some of the people answering this just…shouldn't have, but I'm going to repeat their message: don't cut. It's not going to help you, and you'll most probably end up regretting it.

    I know it's difficult, but tell somebody about the bullies.

    Additionally, instead of cutting, press ice against your skin! It's a way to feel pain without having too many negative physical effects. Or you could use a red marker to simulate blood, if that's what you need.

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    You shouldn't cut yourself at all. Just because you're getting bullied doesn't give you any reason to harm yourself. Cutting usually means you want attention from other people. Do you want people to feel sorry for you? The more you cut yourself, the more they'll make fun of you. Show them that you don't care what they say about you and ignore them. Stick up for yourself those punks aren't any better than you. They're just insecure ******* who feel better about themselves when they pick on other kids. Don't let them mess with you. No one deserves that. Seriously, cutting is stupid. Don't do it

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    Cutting hasn't stopped the bullying, has it? So why keep doing it?

    People tend to self harm as a way to get out emotions. In our society, it's especially hard for boys to express emotion. Consider talking to a trusted adult about this stuff so you can find a way to get out all those feelings without hurting yourself.

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    Don't cut at all. You're letting the bullies win. You're only bullied if you allow yourself to be. If you don't fight back, you're letting them hurt you. Fight back and they can't do a thing and will back off- I promise. Show your strength. Never self harm. Don't cut deeper, it isn't going to solve anything.

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    Tsssss I'm a horrible person right now buuut: ice.

    Cut, rub ice on the area until its numb, and cut again. Sometimes it takes a little determination to cut deeper, so.... you need that...

    Source(s): I'm so getting flagged for this aren't I ? But I did answer the question. :/ 18 years of living. 4 years of cutting
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    cutting may seem like a good way to let that 'inner scream' out, but one day when you see them, the shame will be a lot to handle, imagine the embarrassment of your family and friends seeing the scars. the proof of your self mutilation. stop while you can, tell people about it.

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