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How to audition for YG entertainment?

Okay, so i REALLY want to audition for YG but i'm not sure how to go about it?

1) I'm white - is that a problem?

2) I'm 18 - is that a problem?

3) I live in the UK and don't really have the money to get to korea just for an audition (if i get accepted then yeah but i can't take the risk having hardly any money)

4) I'm not really good at dancing - is that a problem?

5) I'm not able to speak korean but i think my pronunciation is pretty good

6) I'm 5ft6 (167cm) i don't know if height really matters?

7) i'm a little (only a little) overweight but i think i would be considered fat in korea (though i know i can lose the weight)

8) How much does YG base on looks because i think i'm pretty average

...i think that's about it, any extra info you can give me would be MUCH appreciated!!

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    I want to audition for YG myself and I hear to tell ya that it is not as bad as you think

    1) No, They said that they have no prejudice with race, age, nationality, or ethnicity ANYONE CAN AUDITION and get accepted ^_^

    2) No, the younger you are the better ^_^ but they don't have a prejudice with age either you can be older and still get signed...like instance, Park Bom and Park Sandara ^_^

    3) If you live in the UK it is okay because YG only take post (mail) auditions and the only time they will have live auditions is when they do their global audition ^_^ which they did go to the UK last year ^_^ so they might go this year too.

    4) No, for YG they mostly look at singing first, then if you have star quality and lastly your dancing ability. They only judge you on what you are really good at, like if you are better at singing than they will judge based on your singing. Your dancing is not that important because they teach you how to dance.

    5) Speaking Korean is not a really big issue if you can't speak Korean it is okay ^_^ because the teach you how to speak it ^_^ Being able to speak it is like bonus points on your audition. I personally think it would be a good idea to start learning the language because even if you aren't fluent it shows that you are committed and determine and that you take extra steps and try to go beyond and be a step ahead than everyone else ^_^ it also is a good display of your passion.

    6) No it doesn't, look at Lee Hi, she is 4'11 and a HUGE success in YG they don't really care about appears, if you have talent they will take you anyway.

    7) it is okay ^_^ they will put you on a weight loss plan and give you a personal trainer ^_^ look at Bommie and TOP they were both bigger people but they lost the weight. Even Lee Hi lost her baby fats too ^_^

    8) Like I said before they don't really look at looks...to give an comparison they are like 20% looks and 80% talent so don't worry about you looks too much ^_^ just go for it!

    I hope this helped you out some! I am currently auditioning for YG myself ^_^ If you are serious about this and if you are willing to put in the effort you can make your dream a reality...the best way to get into a company and this is for any company you try for is to go out and expose your talents to the world and let it be known! In an articles most of the Korean entertainment companies (especially YG) scout their trainees and contact them. But the only reason they know anything about these people are because the exposed their talents in a contest somewhere and the recruiters liked what they saw. So if you want to be a K-pop idol try exposing yourself to the world by participating in every contest related to K-pop that you can, and go to every entertainment audition that is available to you and sending in post auditions whenever you can. Use YouTube to attract an audience because you never know who might be viewing so yeah.

    Here are some links--->


    (this is an article about the three big companies (JYP, SM and YG) and how they are willing to take non-Asians into their company to become K-pop stars.)


    (this is the website about the superstar K 5 auditions this is a good one to start off and get involved with...I am going to participate in it ^^ the auditions process ends on the 6/10/13 so hurry!)


    (this is a website page where you can view multiple companies, other than YG, that you can apply try them all and see what happens also you get really good tips too)


    (this is the website the gives an inside on how YG look for their trainees/artist).

    Hope this helps you ^_^

    Wow! this is very long but I hope this helps!!! I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK!!! ^.^

    and if you have anymore questions just ask me I never that far ^_^

    Source(s): I have gone to YG 2012 global auditions and I am currently auditioning for YG ^_^ I have read articles about YG entertainment.
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    yg audition so hard right?

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