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WWE Pay-Per View matches from the Golden Era: Do you Agree?

Golden Era (Rock 'n' Wrestling) (1983-1992)


WrestleMania I: Hulk Hogan & Mr. T vs. Roddy Piper & Paul Orndorff

The Wrestling Classic: Dynamite Kid vs. Randy Savage


WrestleMania 2: The British Bulldogs vs. The Dream Team


WrestleMania III: Ricky Steamboat vs. Randy Savage or Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant

Survivor Series: Team Strike Force vs. Team Hart Foundation


WrestleMania IV: Demotion vs. Strike Force or Randy Savage vs. Ted DiBiase

SummerSlam: The British Bulldogs vs. The Fabulous Rougeaus or The Mega Powers vs. The Mega Bucks

Survivor Series: Team Powers of Pain vs. Team Demolition


Royal Rumble: Jim Duggan and The Hart Foundation vs. Dino Bravo and The Fabulous Rougeaus or 1989 Royal Rumble match

WrestleMania V: Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage

SummerSlam: The Brain Busters vs. The Hart Foundation or Ultimate Warrior vs. Rick Rude

Survivor Series: The Enforcers vs. The Dream Team or The Rude Brood vs. Roddy's Rowdies

No Holds Barred: The Match: Hulk Hogan & Brutus Beefcake vs. Zeus & Randy Savage


Royal Rumble: Ronnie Garvin vs. Greag Valentine or 1990 Royal Rumble match

WrestleMania VI: Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan

SummerSlam: The Hart Foundation vs. Demolition

Survivor Series: The Million $ Team vs. The Dream Team


Royal Rumble: The Rockers vs. The Orient Express or The 1991 Royal Rumble match

WrestleMania VII: Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage

SummerSlam: Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect or Ted DiBiase vs. Virgil

Survivor Series: Team Flair vs. Team Piper

This Tuesday In Texas: Virgil & Tito Santana vs. Ted Dibiase & Repo Man


Royal Rumble: 1992 Royal Rumble match

WrestleMania VIII: Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair or Roddy Piper vs. Bret Hart

SummerSlam: Bret Hart vs. British Bulldog or Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage

Survivor Series: Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels or Randy Savage & Mr. Perfect vs. Ric Flair & Razor Ramon

Which of these WWE PPV matches from the Golden Era do you like?

What do you think about this WWE PPV matches from the Golden Era?

What is your opinion?

1 Answer

  • 7 years ago
    Favorite Answer

    Yeah, I agree with everything you wrote.

    To be honest, Golden Age was far before my time. My favorite match ever is Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant for WWE Title at Wrestlemania 3. I love all the storytelling, not the match quality. It all showed nothing is impossible. Hogan did the impossible, he slammed down the 525 pound giant from France and handed him his first ever defeat.

    The Undertaker vs Jake Roberts at Wrestlemania 8 is also a very good, underrated match. I disagree with the commentators saying The Undertaker beating Roberts with ease. The fact Taker was laying on the mat for almost 20 seconds proves Roberts is a serious threat to The Streak. And Taker only won because Roberts got distracted by Paul Bearer that night.

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