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Sid asked in SportsBaseball · 7 years ago

What did you think of the Rays' scoring runs while Happ was injured?

The Rays' players clearly saw the line drive knock down Happ; the sound echoed through the entire stadium. No Blue Jays' player was even attempting to make a play on the ball anywhere, they were more concerned whether their fellow teammate was conscious or not.

So what do you guys think of what the Rays' players did to turn that play into a 2-run triple? Do you think they were taking advantage (maybe their baseball instincts kicked in), or were they just unaware?

Also, do you think the umpires should've stopped the play?

PS, I am NOT criticizing the Rays team, organization, or its fans.

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  • 7 years ago
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    This was a combination of everything that you've said. It' all about instinct and the Rays players did what they had to do. I doubt that within those few seconds after Happ was hit, it even registered with anyone. Players are looking for the ball first, not anything else around them.

    It was only a few seconds later that everyone realized what had happened. We can't criticize anyone for what happened or how they reacted just seconds after. I guess the best way to answer your question would be, what would we as individuals have done, put in the same situation. As for the umpires, they cannot call a play dead in the middle of a play. They can only call time out once there is no longer any advancement by the base runners on the field once the ball is in control of the defense. Again, we are only talking about just a few seconds.

  • 7 years ago

    It's tough to criticize the players for continuing to play. It was all in the moment.......that being said, I do wonder how Jennings (I think he hit the ball) did not realize the severity of the injury past first base. I mean, in that run to third base, you gotta think he knew Happ was seriously injured and out of it.

    I'm actually shocked at many of the answers here saying "it's the rules of the game that the play can't be stopped and blah blah blah. This was definitely an extreme circumstance......a pitcher was nailed in the head by a line drive. It rarely happens. To me, there is a time and place to break rules. This was an example of the time and place. For once, people ought to just **** the rules. Don't accept that this is how the game is played, change it.

    My point is, it's not right to continue playing with an injury like that. I am not blaming the Rays players or the umpires. I am blaming the way baseball is run to put players and umpires in that position where they have to question whether to continue play or not. In that circumstance, there is NO DOUBT that play should stop immediately; this is for the sake of the pitcher, I couldn't care less about the damn game.

  • 7 years ago

    The umpires will not stop the action and call time out until the play is over. The Rays did exactly the right thing as did the umpires. This type of event happens all the time and every team has been involved in a situation like this at some point in time. It is always a tough situation when a player is down but this is how the game is played.

  • 7 years ago

    Baseball instinct means you run the play out. Like Jennings who ran out the triple, but by the time he took a look at the mound, he did show his extreme concern.

    The umps were not really in a position to stop the play. But the trainers were already running out, right?

    Good question btw and something worth thinking about. I'm pretty sure, like 100% certain that some rays players would have visited Happ in the hospital.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The unps should have stopped play right away when they saw Happ go down. However, the fact that they didnt definitly means that the Rays players should have stopped playing; however as you already said, it may have been human instinct. On the other hand, human insticts should have also kicked in, and they should of tried to help Happ. The important thing though is that the trainers are able to get out as soon as they can, THIS is why play should have stopped, so the trainers could get out on the field quicker. Of course though, as you also already said, you cant play the Rays players, seeing how concerned they were afterwards. I really dont think those two runs should have counted since there was a serious health risk on the line, but once again, the Rays players just did as they are paid to do, and showed sympathy after. Luckily, the trainers got there in time and hr should be all right- he has been released from the hostpital.

    When something like this happens, there is many different opionions. One person may say keep playing, its their job, and its a good oppertunity to score (I personaly think that is horrible), and some people will say that this goes above the priorety of winning, since it will impact his life for ever (I think helping him over winning is the right thing to do), and in a time when something like that happens, they all most come together.

  • 7 years ago

    Actually, the ump could ahve called the play dead, according to rule 5.10 (c) an umpire can declare play dead "when an accident incapacitates a player or umpire"

    I do not think th Rays were aware of the severity of the injury, I don't blame them for running at all. It's more upsetting that they were allowed to keep going. As soon as he got hit, training staff were ready to go out to the mound and help but they had to wait for the play to finish. The ump could have called the play dead according to that rule

  • 7 years ago

    The Rays didn't do anything wrong. They completed the play, that's what the players are taught to do.

    This is not the first time a player has been hit by a ball that comes whistling though the box, and it won't be the last either. Players should be aware of that and use their instinct to get out of the way.

  • 7 years ago

    The ball was still live & thbe DevilRays had to play it out. The Umpires wouldn't (legally) have been able to stop the play; if a ball touches a fielder in fair territory, it's still live. I mean, you're concerned about the player, but you've got to score THEN check on the player. Those runs might not've otherwise been gotten. That's sports.

    : )


  • 7 years ago

    While it may seem reprehensible, it is 100% legal per the rules.

    The rules do NOT allow the umpires to call time for an injury during active play. They are required to wait until play relaxes.

    Pandabear, 5.10(c) is a delayed dead ball. So time is called when play relaxes, not immediately. This is one of those things that isn't in the book, but is how the rule is actually called.

  • 7 years ago

    When you say "No Blue Jays player was even attempting to make a play"... you were excluding the fielder that did chase down the ball and throw it back to the infield?

    If the ball is in play, then it's in play.

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