Why Is My Print Screen Key Not Working?

I Have A Compaq Mini Laptop With XP. The Print Screen Key Used To Work But Now It Doesn't. I've Tried Holding The 'Shift' Key, The 'Function' Key And The 'Control' Key Down Whilst Pressing The Print Screen Key. But Still No Luck, None Of Them Work ... CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE!!!

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    some times (unsure what you keyboard lay out is) num lock can prevent on certain laptops

    if the print scr key is blue (mines blue under insert) you'll need the fn key to use it but with it being a mini laptop is there blues numbers as well if so turn off num lock (whilst pressing fn) then try prnt srcn again, if this doesn't work then i'm sorry

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  • ajay
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Press the "Print demonstrate" (prt scrm) on your keyboard a million- After pressing the Print demonstrate Key, open the Paint utility in initiate/All courses/ upload-ons/Paint 2- From the menu bar pass to image/Attributes 3- in the sector such as Width type in 800 and 600 in top/ok 4- From the menu bar, pass to Edit and click Paste. you will now see a reproduction of the contents of your demonstrate once you pressed the Print demonstrate key 5- From the menu bar pass to record and then click Print. in case you opt to maintain the screenshot, click save good day

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