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What are the names "Jean" and "Marlene" translated in Yiddish?

The name Jean is of Hebrew origin but derives from John, Jane, and, Yohana. However, the name's original translation is "God is gracious". Is it possible to translate the name "Jean" as well as its original meaning "God is gracious" to the Yiddish language for me?

"Marlene" is a blend of the names Maria (Latin) "star of the sea" and Magdalene (Greek) "from Magdala", to honor the Christian Biblical figure Mary Magdalene. As "Marlene" is not a singularly translated sentence, could someone please translate the name "Marlene" to Yiddish for me as well?

When I went to Google translate and this is what I got. I was hoping I could get a confirmation or a correction from a person who can read and write in Yiddish. Thanks for any help!

דזשין – Jean

מאַרלין – Marlene

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    In Hebrew spelling

    Jean - ג'ין (jin)

    Jean - ג'יין (jein)

    Marlene - מארלן (marlen)

    Marlene - מארלנה (marle-ne , the "e" is pronounced)

    As for Jean - if it derives from John, Jane, and Yohana --> John -> Yona (Jonah) which means "a dove" (the bird) in Hebrew.

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