What is "beam integrity"?

The context is structural members of buildings. What is beam? Could you offer a synonym?

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    A beam is a long, often thicker, support part of a frame, usually horizontal in orientation. It is used to link vertical parts of the structure, in part to prevent those vertical parts from moving out of place, but the primary purpose of a beam is to provide a stable base on which to erect the remainder of the structure such as the floor, ceiling, and roof. Wood beams tend to be square in cross section; steel can be manufactured to have the same structural integrity of a square beam without having a square shape, lowering the beam weight (like an I beam)

    In the most simple structure, you start with four posts, connect the post with beams, and lay the flooring on top of the beams. Beams may be called crossbars or girders, which are specific types of beams.

    Integrity refers to the state and condition of the beam, its ability to remain whole and unbroken. All beams have a practical maximum load capacity, and the beam will lose integrity (fail, break) at some point beyond its load capacity.

    A very common sort of beam used in steel construction is an I-bar or I-beam. Has the bearing capacity of the large beam without its weight.

    In wood frame structures, the main beams tend to be 8x8 or larger (or perhaps even composites using laminated planks to make a beam).

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    That would be related to a beam not breaking under certain strains. But redirect qn to Science or Engineering for expert answers.

    A beam is a large strong length of metal, such as is used to strengthen buildings.

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