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    Northern19 - TRUTH


    The devil faces an angel on this table.

    The sence that I was able to subtilize so as to feel beating.

    The fellow said in this way. "Coming back that you can never"

    You cast yourself for this game with risky hopes.

    Kock it down in the pure white circuit.

    Dye and dye the color only for you.

    Don't miss the eyes because many troubles are drawing near close to you.

    Break it through the way that's swayed by black.

    Go and charge with bet all of you.

    The real fate made by you.

    The fellow said, "Unexpectedly never lose all. Because here should be all the things

    which you wanted in these days. You mind it only other and lose sight of your way will

    cause many regrets after this, Don't stay."

    The real fate is made from your true heart.

    It be never swayed your fate.

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