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急!!中翻英 出貨問題 請求盡快出貨(今天中午11點前給)


因為我這邊系統上看 確實這筆訂單#123沒有任何收貨的紀錄


(PACKING & INVOICE 等相關文件資料呢)



是否可以請你先行出貨3/28訂單 以及告知4/6新訂單交期

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    Dear Xxxx, Our record does not indicate receipt of shipment under PO #123, but if

    you have actually effected the shipment, please provide us with the

    shipping details with relevant document copies such as invoice, B/L,

    and packing list for our further tracking. Based on the good relationship the both parties have long established,

    it is very unlikely for us not to honor the bill of a received consignment.

    We assure you to commit ourselves to following up the issue to meet

    your full satisfaction. We would highly appreciate it if you can proceed shipment of PO dated

    Mar. 28 ASAP, and advise shipping schedule for PO dated Apr. 6. Best regards,Xxxx Xxxx

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    Because my system does this order without any receipt of #123 recordsIf you have shipped the order #123, can you provide shipment data(PACKING&INVOICE and other related file data)

    In addition, long down, we have also been established with you good KansaiWe can't really have your arrival shipment without paymentPlease let four-sixths know your three-twenty eighths order to shipment, as well as the new order delivery date

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    因為我這邊系統上看 確實這筆訂單#123沒有任何收貨的紀錄

    Our record has confirmed that we have not received any shipment for the purchase order#123.


    (PACKING & INVOICE 等相關文件資料呢)

    Please provide packing list and shipment tracking number if you have such records for PO#123.

    另外,長期下來我們跟你們也建立了良好關西 我們也不可能說真的有出貨有收到貨就都不付款

    In addition, your company and us have established very good business relationship. We will never refuse to make the payment if shipment tracking shows that the shipment was indeed received.

    是否可以請你先行出貨3/28訂單 以及告知4/6新訂單交期

    Before we can reach that conclusion, please make a shipment for the March 28th purchase order and confirm the shipment date for the April 6th new order.


    2013-05-08 10:25:28 補充:


    那麼可以說"中午10點"嗎? 9點?

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