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Need help answering these history questions... Thanks to whomever responds?

3. One of the most important reasons given for Japan’s postwar success is

a. the high degree of Japanese savings.

b. governmental support for business enterprises.

c. the Japanese work ethic.

d. help from the International Monetary Fund.

e. an excellent school system.

4. The Second Industrial Revolution generated

a. worker revolts in 1848

b. capitalist exploitation of the workers to the maximum extent possible

c. industrial research and electrical energy

d. mining and iron making

e. scientific experimentation

5. The countries that were in the forefront of the Second Industrial Revolution were

a. Britain and the United States

b. the United States and Germany

c. Japan and the United States

d. Germany and Britain

e. Japan and Britain

6. Labor unions first gained the legal right to organize and to strike in

a. Germany

b. the United States

c. Britain

d. Holland

e. France

7. The first European country to pass laws providing for universal male suffrage was

a. Italy

b. Britain

c. France

d. Spain

e. Germany

8. The bulk of the European emigrants of the nineteenth century were

a. landless laborers seeking a new start in North and South America

b. dissatisfied small farmers, businessmen, artisans, and skilled laborers

c. Jews and others fleeing political persecution

d. relatively successful shop owners, artisans, and white-collar workers

e. wealthy families who wanted the benefits of living in the world’s most modern nation

9. In the early twentieth century, the country supplying the largest number of emigrants to the United States was

a. Germany

b. Ireland

c. Russia

d. Italy

e. France

10. Charles Fourier propagandized for a society structured

a. in small communities of self-directing workers

b. in a military fashion

c. in large states with dictatorial leadership by the working classes

d. in communities of fellow believers housed in monasteries

e. in small states governed by the wealthy

11. The most important parliamentary act in nineteenth-century British history was the

a. passage of the United Kingdom Act.

b. passage of the Reform Act of 1832.

c. decision to exile Napoleon to St. Helena

d. passage of the Factory Act of 1819.

e. outsting the Tories from Parliament

12. Which country was least affected by the revolts of 1848?

a. France

b. Great Britain

c. Italy

d. Austria

e. Prussia

13. The biggest single governmental problem in mid-nineteenth-century Russia was how to

a. defend the enormous borders against simultaneous attacks

b. make the czar’s government more efficient.

c. bring the military into the modern technical age.

d. bring the serfs into the national economy.

e. industrialize the country enough for it to compete with other countries

14. The Paris Commune was

a. an attempt to impose a socialist regime under Karl Marx on France

b. an imaginative attempt to introduce democracy through popular vote

c. an uprising against the imperial government that had lost a war

d. a kind of new religion prompted by anti-Christian radicals

e. a group of Parisian artists who gathered to support each other in perfecting their craft

15. The crucial question for Bismarck as Prussia’s chancellor in the 1860s was how to

a. strengthen the army.

b. crush the socialists’ opposition.

c. unite the German people politically.

d. strengthen the constitutional rights of the citizens.

e. use his military to best effect

16. German Chancellor von Bismack convened the Berlin conference to

a. find a formula all the European powers could accept for making claims to overseas possessions.

b. settle outstanding disputes with France over the future of Alsace-Lorraine

c. create a common-gauge railway system throughout Europe.

d. find a formula for regulating the role of private industry in Africa.

e. find a formula all the European powers could accept for dividing up Africa’s mineral resources.

17. To conquer Africa, Europeans

a. relied on European taxpayers to meet the large expenditures new colonial possessions would require.

b. largely depended on Africans to fill the rank of their armies of conquest.

c. often relied on each other to provide mutual military support.

d. often relied on friendly African kings and chiefs to handle the military responsibilities.

e. essentially had to rely on European recruits for

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