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Research paper help on police brutality? plzzz?

Im doing a research paper on police brutality .... i need some help ... im stuck on some aspects of things to talk about .... i have run out of things to talk about ... i have three more pages to go and ive already talked about different cases of police brutality and how it violates our rights and things like that ... what else could i talk about it?

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    How about the fact that fact that most cases of reported police brutality are unfounded. the police have the authority to use force to gain compliance. If someone resists (either actively or passively) or refuses to comply with an officers directions, or if that persons places himself or others at risk, the Police can use as much force as is reasonably necessary to gain compliance.

    Don't forget, if Rodney King had stopped his car and put his hands on the hood, none of that disgraceful episode would have happened. Yes, that was police brutality, but is was precipitated by King's failing to comply with lawful orders.

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    How about presenting a balanced paper? Police brutality is a totally subjective issue. In any incident, there will be three opinions on what happens is brutality. The trained police officer who is using a reasonable amount of force to subdue and control a suspect. The suspect, who believes that he can act in any manner, including violence, and any move by the police to prevent that is brutality. Third would be witnesses who have no idea of what police training consists of, and each will have their own opinion of the level of force needed. you are doing a research paper. How about doing your own research, and present both sides of the argument instead of making the cops out to be the bad guys.

    Source(s): Former deputy sheriff/corporal
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