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How to measure the amount of methane in water?

Im trying to measure methane levels in water, but I am having trouble trying to find out how to do so.


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  • 7 years ago
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    You will probably need to use gas chromatography for the analysis. Here is an example of such an analysis, methane in an aqueous sample matrix:

    Note that in that application, one of the analytes was water, so a thermal conductivity detector (TCD) was needed, but for your application, a flame ionization detector (FID) would suffice.

    In order to quantitate the methane, you will need a calibration gas standard, available from most gas suppliers (e.g. Air Liquide), which would have a specified level of methane in a carrier gas (e.g., nitrogen).

    Source(s): Lots of experience analyzing gases by GC.
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