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Should we liberals form a third party to the left of Democrats?

Given Conservatism got stuck in the 18th century again and is completely out of touch with our current social/ economic issues and Libertarians basically stand for a corporate anarchy. How do we UPGRADE the national debate, instead of wasting ourselves with "Benghazi" conspiracies?

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  • mark
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    7 years ago
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    Nope. Pointless

    A party more leftist would be just as useless as the party moving further to the right (Like the TEA party). I'm generally a centrist that leans left although you'd probably know that from my posts. YA turns even the most compromising individual into an extremist

  • 3 years ago

    I voted Clinton, inspite of the actuality that Richardson grow to be my first selection. i'm happy to vote for Obama over McCain. The party wasn't hijacked. there grow to be a conventional and diverse factions of the party voted for various applicants. ultimately, the transformations between Obama and Clinton on coverage are minor and the transformations between Obama and McCain on coverage are huge. additionally, I provide an Obama/Clinton value tag a pair of fifty/50 shot. She could have had a extra powerful shot if she performed her enjoying cards extra powerful. She could have been the surprising of the value tag with some technique adjustments in January, like no longer ignoring the caucus states, no count how stupid their election contests could be. the priority with electoral device we use, in assessment to the parlimentary type used in maximum democracies, is that it forces us right into a 2 party device. Any 2 simlar events divide the voters and permit the less regular candidate who's diametrically unfavorable to the third party to be triumphant, like Nixon in 1968 after the assassination of RFK and the riots on the DNC convention. i do no longer elect to work out McCain win the way Nixon did. The final effective third party grow to be the Lincoln republicans, united around a single concern so divisive it led to the civil war. this is the kind of element that sparks a third party. there have been a number of significant tries, maximum surprisingly the no-nothings, who had to alter from the main useful to the silver and maximum useful. They did no longer acheive their goals. in my opinion, i desire the republicans and the libertarians divide the social and economic conservatives, fracturing the republican party, yet I concern the libertarians will divide the social and economic liberals. Its no longer a relentless place to be socially liberal and fiscally conservative, as a fiscally conservative government can not act in a socially liberal way, inspite of the social ideals of the politicians in fee. in case you opt to effect substitute on your party, get invovled on the party point. that is not any longer that annoying to grow to be a superdelegate and have a voice on the committees that determine party coverage and party and party platform. touch your community democratic party to ask a thank you to become in contact.

  • Barry
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    7 years ago

    Yes Then the environmentalists who oppose the Keystone pipeline and the unions pushing for it, the Democrats opposing gun restrictions, and those supporting it, the rich elitist liberals on Wall Street and the poor ghetto dwelling liberals, will have a place to go when their side loses out.

  • 7 years ago

    Nah. See how good the Tea Party is working for the Republicans? They will not divide themselves like that. It's a tactical mistake.

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  • Desire
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    7 years ago

    It was formed long ago. It is called Communism.

  • 7 years ago

    you can't go farther left than the democrats, especially those in the leadership of that party.

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    go for it

  • George
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    7 years ago

    Sure why not.

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