why wont my kodak camera charge or turn on?

I have a kodak camera i think its a md1063. It wont turn on nor charge. iv had it for a couple of years but i rarely used it so its like brand new. i have not used it in a long while but pulled it out one day to use it and it wouldnt turn on nor charge. is there anyway i can fix it without bringing it to a store to fix?

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    7 years ago
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    - Verify there is no corrosion inside the battery compartment

    - Verify the battery terminals are not are not corroded

    If corrosion exists, consider removing it with baking soda and a toothbrush. Dry afterward.

    - Verify the batteries are inserted in the proper orientation

    - Verify the camera battery compartment is completely closed tightly and secure as designed

    - Verify the battery compartment is not damaged somehow

    - Test with known good batteries

    - See if there are any error messages or warning indicators on the screen

    - See if there are any flashing colored lights or solid lights that are on indicating some kind of error

    That outlet may not have had power or required a light switch to be flipped on and the charger or A/C adapter could have also gone out preventing it from charging.

    If you have the ability to swap cords, chargers, batteries, outlets do that.

    There isn't a lot of troubleshooting you can do as an end user other than those few things.

    If everything checks out it is probably the camera and not something that you can easily fix yourself.

  • nelms
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    3 years ago

    omg mine is doing a similar element exept my lens wont bypass again in...mine activates for type of 10 sec n shuts down.. its no longer the batteries.. Grrr im satisfied to work out some different person with this example so now i comprehend under no circumstances to purchase yet another kodak

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