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Why should corporations have the right to exist?

Private corporations are:

*Legal constructions chartered by the sate, in theory to produce something for the economy.

*Collectivist in nature.

*Tyrannical-they are structured in a top-down manner. Orders are given from the top and go down the chain. Typically at the top is one or a few people (depending on the size of the corporation). At the bottom are the majority; the workers. They have very little say in how work will be structured and are generally expected to follow orders without question.

*Designed to redistribute wealth upwards. The workers at the bottom produce the products and/or services that create wealth. That wealth is then siphoned upward to the non-productive executives who decide what small fraction of the wealth they will distribute to the workers who produced it.

*Unaccountable to the public. This includes the communities they are located in. Heads of corporations typically do not even live in the areas affected by the business. Limited Liability protects CEOs of corporations from prosecution when they, say, poison drinking water or otherwise damage the environment.

*Exist to maximize profit, not serve the communities the particular workplaces are located in.

*Supply-side economics puts the power to limit choice in the hands of corporations by allowing them (the executives, generally) to decide what options people will have. For an example you can look at how the destruction of public transportation lead to fewer meaningful options for people wishing to travel (in many places, people are forced to drive cars rather having the option to, say, take a train which would cost them less in terms of money and environmental destruction).

What right does anybody have to operate a business in a community they do not live in? What right is there to profit at all? If production does not serve a need, why should it be done? Why should corporations have rights? If they should have any rights, why should they have the same rights as actual people (actually, rights that go beyond the rights actual people have)? Why should they be allowed to exist at all if:

*They are causing destruction to the environment?

*They are shifting money out of the local economy?

*They are not serving the needs (or wants) of the people who live in the community in which a particular workplace (store, factory, etc.) is located?

Where do some people get the idea that doing business is a right and that communities (actual people) should accept dictatorship by abstract legal entities which are headed by a tiny minority of the population? And why do some want so badly to cling to an ideology that is leading us over the cliff?


A-Z: But why should workers accept their position as non-owner employees who take orders from above? Why shouldn't they want control over their own lives?

Update 2:

u bin called: The internet was the product of publicly funded research and development (you can look up DARPAnet if you want). It was handed to corporations so they could sell access to the technology for profit. When you pay an ISP provider, you're paying to use a technology that tax-payer money paid to create. The same is true of other computer technology. In the fifties the government was the only market for computers. But that aside, people innovate and build products. I'm challenge the corporate structure and the dominance of corporations in our society (crucially in politics though I neglected to mention the issue of corporate money buying elections). I'm not saying people shouldn't make things.

Update 3:

I'm also not saying that companies shouldn't exist. I feel they should be worker-owned and based in communities. Really, I'm challenge limited liability corporations and the notion that they have inherent rights. Shouldn't corporations at least have to renew their charters every once in a while and be held to standards, and be made to take responsibility for what they do? For example: individual states could set charters to expire in, say, five years. And charters could be revoked if the corporation is no longer serving its original purpose or violating a code of ethics which would state the responsibilities of said corporations as well as impose restraints on them.

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  • 7 years ago
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    so you invented the internet and built the computer used to post this "question?"

    if not, why do you support so many evil corporations...

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  • 6 years ago

    They Don't. In fact corporations are a creation of law solely geared to maximize profit while evading responsibility. The movie "The Corporation" shows that if a corporations were a human being, it would be classified a dangerous psychopath.

    Corporations do not invent anything. In fact they usually steal from the inventors themselves, or if the inventors are lucky, pay a pittance of what the invention was actually worth. They actually BLOCK new innovations that would threaten them.

    They are antidemocratic in nature, sustain a totalitarian environment and have taken over most of the federal government.

    If you read the actual history, you will see that regulatory agencies were set up by industry with the sole intent to **** down citizen dissent. The national guard used to be used to shoot to kill the citizenry dissenting against the robber barons. The robber barons also employed hired thugs for protection and to punish workers, which evolved into what is known today as the police force.(as opposed to an elected sheriff)

    Unfortunately there is so much to say on the subject of corporate rule of governments, that books could and have been written about it.

    They are poisonous to real freedom in every regard, as our founders knew. The American Revolution was fought to insure citizen rights against corporate monopolies, whose dominance was protected by government.

    Unfortunately since corporations have taken over every aspect of our lives including the public school system, few people know the actual history of corporations.

    IF you want to get involved in taking the country back for the actual people, you could try joining the COMMUNITY RIGHTS MOVEMENT. They are fairly committed to ending corporate rule.

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  • Rod
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    7 years ago

    So that some people (I won't point fingers here at obvious targets) will have a financial base from which to draw: unemployment, welfare, free health care, free education... (shall I continue???)

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  • 7 years ago

    They employ people. I'm proud of my company. I've worked for them for years and the've treated me right.

    PS....I hate smiley faces.

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  • Frank
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    7 years ago

    Free country.

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