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Can anyone help on history?

22. By the start of the twenty-first century, American women

a. continued to receive fewer college degrees than men.

b. received over 40 percent of the advanced degrees in law, business, and medicine.

c. tended to marry at a younger age than the previous generation.

d. experienced rising birth rates.

e. earned more money on average than men.

23. Militia groups arose in America during the 1990s

a. to protest the increasing influence of the Christian Coalition.

b. and engaged in acts of domestic terrorism such as the 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building.

c. but were quickly eliminated by the CIA.

d. but posed no immediate threat to the nation.

e. and were based primarily in the Northeast.

24. The 2000 presidential race between George W. Bush and Al Gore was

a. finally decided by the Supreme Court.

b. decided by the media.

c. in question because of voter irregularities in New York.

d. a landslide for Bush.

e. finally decided by the U.S. Senate.

25. The term “gender gap” refers to the difference in

a. pay rates between men and women.

b. education levels between men and women.

c. voting patterns between men and women.

d. life expectancy between men and women.

e. church attendance between men and women.

26. The Bush Administration

a. broke the 1972 ABM treaty.

b. rejected the Kyoto treaty.

c. opposed the establishment of an international criminal court.

d. enacted a large tax cut.

e. All of the above

27. What made Bush’s 2002 “National Security Strategy” fundamentally different from previous American policy?

a. It began by defining freedom.

b. It called for a huge military buildup.

c. It did not refrain from nuclear weapons.

d. It advocated the use of preemptive war.

e. It called for multilateral action.

28. Two landmark Supreme Court cases ruled in 2003 dealt with

a. homosexuality and abortion.

b. affirmative action and disabled persons.

c. homosexuality and affirmative action.

d. abortion and affirmative action.

e. disabled persons and homosexuality.

29. Which of the following statements about Saddam Hussein turned out to be true?

a. He possessed a mobile chemical weapons laboratory.

b. He had hidden weapons of mass destruction in his many palaces.

c. He was a horrible tyrant who ruled Iraq ruthlessly.

d. He was hiding in his palace as a safe haven from the war.

e. He was seeking to acquire uranium in Africa to build nuclear weapons.

30. Who was not part of the group of conservative policymakers who were determined in 2001–2002 to oust Hussein from power?

a. Dick Cheney

b. Donald Rumsfeld

c. Colin Powell

d. Paul Wolfowitz

e. Condoleezza Rice

31. Who was America’s only ally during the initial phase of the Iraq War?

a. Russia

b. China

c. Germany

d. Spain

e. Great Britain

32 . Approximately how many American soldiers lost their lives in the initial phase of the Iraq War?

a. 200

b. 500

c. 700

d. 1,000

e. 3,000

33. Which entity was responsible for disaster planning and relief within the United States at the time of Hurricane Katrina?

a. Red Cross of America

b. Coast Guard

c. Federal Emergency Management Agency

d. State Department

e. Salvation Army

34. What did the Justice Department label the captured members of Al Qaeda in order to get around the Geneva Conventions?

a. Prisoners of an insurgency

b. Detainees

c. Army regulars

d. Rebel forces

e. Unlawful combatants

35. In 2006, union membership was _____ percent of private sector employees.

a. 4

b. 8

c. 12

d. 16

e. 20

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    Seriously? 14 questions! Come on, I can see asking about one if you are unsure and would like clarification. But 14?!?! Forget it, do it yourself. I did mine long before there was any such thing as the internet. You'll have to get the answers on your own.

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    This appears to be a school assignment. If so, you should not be asking for the answers. If you submit someone else's work as your own, that's cheating. Bad idea.

    You can help yourself answer the questions. It's very likely that the answers can be found in your textbook and/or other course materials. Read them.

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