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What makes a person approachable?

Bq : What makes you notice someone in a crowd (in a good way) ?

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    Sincerity . its always easy to get close to down to earth people . but c'mon , sometimes its ourselves that make it hard !

    BQ : nothing really . I have a really really low attention level . whatever its called , I don't notice around that much .

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    Whether they want to be approached, or left alone is usually the difference between approachable and not approachable. Anybody could be approached in a hypothetical situation, not all situations are hypothetical though. Most people pick up on when somebody wants to be left alone, and when they feel like approaching people, they usually let people know by approaching people.

  • Engaged in friendly banter at functions

    Smiles and laughs a lot

    Has good body language, ie: arms not crossed over chest, etc

    If sitting alone or standing alone, they are searching and/or trying to mingle with others versus having head and eyes looking down.

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    Easy going the care free looking

    Nice smile

    Doesn't seem to be in a rush

    Be friendly to everyone around him/her

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    Every person is approachable if need is there, If you notice some one in the crowed and is close to you, smile and he will come to you. Thank you.

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    Every person is approachable....unless/he/she is holding a weapon and threatening you.

    Bq: Her hair (color, length, style) and clothes she's wearing

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    Unique style posture and a smile.

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    du er jo dummere end lort omg så tag doig jidgnisndig!

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    If they look open, relaxed and friendly

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