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Upgrade to windows 8?

Should I stay with my windows 7 home premium or upgrade to windows 8? I heard that windows 8 is slow, is it true? i use it for gaming and watching shows.. thanks!

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    Windows 8 has a smaller and faster kernel and a bunch of tweaks to make it use modern hardware more efficiently -- it'll generally be faster. It's a fairly new operating system, and as such it has its quirks. The new interface can be a bit awkward without a touchscreen, but I've found it to not be much of an issue as I personally use desktop mode 99% of the time.

    I personally love some of the new features Windows 8 offers, even with the occasionally-strange interface. Being able to quickly shut down or suspend by moving the mouse cursor to the bottom right or have an advanced overview of all open programs and their resource usage really helps me out on a daily basis. Ramming the Windows key and searching for something is quick and simple, and my storage arrays have never been this responsive before. The UI took a bit of getting used to for me, but all in all I had no major issues with it and have actually come to appreciate it quite a bit.

    As for your choice, I'd recommend you look up what exactly Windows 8 has on offer. The interface can be a bit clunky, but it's easily worked around. It's faster than Windows 7 on good hardware, but if you're happy with 7 then it'll really boil down to if you want to use the new features or not. Just have a look and decide for yourself whether the changes are worth the hassle.

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    No, it's not slow, assuming that your PC passes all of the "Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant" tests.

    And, yes, you should stick with W 7, until your PC dies, then maybe Windows 9 will be available (without the horrific Mobile Phone Interface).

    But, as you must already be aware, if you use Google Search, most people that did do the W 7 to W 8 Upgrade, are NOW asking "How to return to Windows 7".

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    For my personal use, and I got mine here: - I don't see the touch friendliness of it as a major selling point... but as a matter of aesthetic judgment, I really like the new Start Screen interface. The surfaces of the UI of newer Microsoft platforms are slick to me but that's about it...

    I prefer working on my laptop or computer rather than a mobile device.

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    Well if u want support for newer games and the new directx than go to windows 8, otherwise 7 in my opinion is better.

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    If you're only playing games and watching video, why change the OS?

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