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use to 和 be use to用法 (20點)

请問 use to 和 be use to 有什麼分別? Use to 和 be use to 點用? 請出例子。


Lamlam 好像寫錯了!

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  • 7 years ago
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    這是我最後一次回答 Yahoo 網友. 希望最後一次能幫到人

    be (am, is, was, were, will be) used to + noun (or pronoun or verb-ing)

    “be used to” 表示 “習慣了” 相等 “be accustomed to” 這個 ”to” 字在這裡是 preposition (前置詞), 不是 infinitive (不定詞), 其後可接 noun (名詞), pronoun (代名詞) or gerund (動名詞), ”used” 在這裡是 adjective, (用 past participle 作形容詞) , 不能用 use, 這片語 (phrase) 可用各種的時態

    I was used to this sort of thing. (past tense)

    I am not used to eating so much at lunchtime. (present tense)

    You will soon be used to working in the new laboratory. (future)

    “used to” + infinitive

    “used to” + infinitive 過去 (past) 經常發生動作 (action) 或狀態 (state). 相當 “過去一向…” 這種動作或狀態現在不再繼續. 是 past tense

    因為 to 是作 infinitive, 後面動詞是用 verb 的 base form, (不是 past tense, past participle, or gerund i.e. verb-ing)

    He used to live in London.

    You used to see a lot of her, didn’t you?

    negative 時, 用 use 不用轉 used (did not use to ... )

    I didn’t use to like him when we were at school.


    I used to drive in New York City. (過去一向, to 後面動詞用 basic form, drive, 不是 drove, driven, drives, driving )

    I am used to driving in New York City. (習慣了, to 後面動詞用 gerund, driving, 不是 drive )


    (1) “Use to”:

    Use 作 noun, to 作 preposition

    You can throw those away - they are no use to anyone.

    (2) "be used to" 作 passive voice

    What can be used to detect early cancer?

    used 是 past participle. to 作 infinitive

    Source(s): Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary
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  • 7 years ago

    use to過去常常 ·雙語例句1. I don't want it, but it may be of use to someone. 我不想要它,但它可能對某人有用。2. This medicine is of no use to me. 此藥對我無用。be used tov. 習慣于,適用於 ·雙語例句1. Asbestos can be used to insulatea cooking stove. 石棉能用來使烹調用的爐灶絕熱。來自《簡明英漢詞典》2. This cream can be used to treatsundry minor injuries. 這種藥膏可用來治各種輕傷。

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