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i have a statistics problem X)

the temperature over the time period 1892-1997 in el paso, texas was measured in degrees celsius. the mean temperature over this time period is 16.9 degrees celsius, and the standard deviation of temperature is 0.59 degrees celsius. the formula for the conversion from units of celsius to farenheit is given by Tf=(9/5)*Tc+32 where Tc is the temperature measurement reported in celsius and Tf is the measurement in farenheit. suppose the temperature measurements taken over the time period 1892-1997 in el paso, texas are converted to a database with reading in farenheit. compute the mean and standard deviation of temperature over this time period in el paso when recorded in degrees farenheit. please step by step!

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    There is no inflence on calculations of mean temp. either in degree C or F but the zero point value 32 should be eliminated when calc. the std. dev


    mean temp.=1.8x16.9 +32 =62.42 Degree F

    std. dev. = 1.8 x 0.59 = 1.06 Degree F

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