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想麻煩翻譯中翻英 (消防方面)

是否能麻煩翻譯一篇有關消防的文章 (中翻英)...

因為小妹的英文能力不是那麼好, 公司上頭又給這壓力在

所以來此尋求幫忙下!! (但不要用google翻譯回我,..不然我自己翻就好)

在此感謝 !!!! 我知道中翻英,無法照字面全翻, 意思能接近, 講的通就好..










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    Fire workshop course was held in March this year, the company, lecturer to the company explaining the points of refuge in fire prevention and escape, unusual is put together do not have full participation in the work of all the staff, showing its importance, lecturer, vividly describes the contents allows colleagues to a closer understanding of fire safety.Common fires usually occur from wires and switches and the kitchen. Too many wires and switches may vary from electrical appliances, or fire due to accumulation of dust, dirt, so to avoid the use of extension cords or connectors, long unused electrical plug removal, and every ten years it is a test power supply wiring in your home you want to replace.The ignition usually comes from gas stove in the kitchen, when using a gas stove, people must not be separated from the moment; stoves and also regularly requested the testing of the pipeline, so as not to set off the crisis.When indoor fire, first try the fire because the fire first started, as many as 80% chance of successfully fighting the fire. Choose extinguishing by fire nature, generally using a fire extinguisher. Today's building-fire extinguisher dry powder, three types of fire able to cover most of the ABC.If they cannot put out the fire, the second step is to report as soon as possible, notify firemen extinguish, then quickly fled the scene. If the epicenter is not own the floor, first determine where fires may be burning? Take escape coming in just the opposite direction, if you escape the smoke, should take low profile escape, if the environment has been unable to escape, immediately visiting the refuge in relatively safe districts, this security compartments must be flame resistance of building materials and want to exit leading to the outdoor for the benefit of seeking more time to wait for the firefighters and rescue. When the fire broke out, you only have one minute response time, take this short time, disasters can be reduced to a minimum.


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