Internet sales tax bills, is it just state or all local sales taxes?

I ask, for several reasons...

I have purchased things from Amazon and they do charge tax in my state because they have a warehouse or something and the state makes them... and I live in a town with a town sales tax... but Amazon only adds on the state sales tax, not the local?

the language of the bill is, of course, confusing:

"To restore States' sovereign rights to enforce State and local sales and use tax laws, and for other purposes."

the state's rights... but "local" sales and use tax laws? aren't local sales tax collection local town rights or are they granted by the state?

should I ask this in the legal section?


to, of course, compound maters further... I've read different stories that seem to point to both?


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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    If this bill is passed, each state will have jurisdiction over all online retailers in the country for tax purposes. What taxes they collect depends on that state's laws.

  • Philip
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    8 years ago

    Current law says people have to pay all local and state sales taxes; hardly any on-line buyers follow the law.

    Wash Post says people will have to pay both. CNN suggests that states will have to unify their sales taxes so all are paid in one place. The courts may have the final say; until SCOTUS rules on it (which I find unlikely), no one knows for sure. I suspect they'll end up going the CNN route.

    As for asking the question in YA politics or law, it doesn't really matter. Few of the people who answer in the YA law section are lawyers, and even if they were, it would depend on what Congress and the courts decide. And no one actually knows that answer--at best it's an educated guess. At worst it would be based on political philosophy.

    The House hasn't approved the bill, so there is still a lot of uncertainty.

  • 4 years ago

    Whether it is listed as sales tax, it regularly is sales tax and is deductible. Is it the equal percent of your bill (aside from the other taxes) as a earnings tax you pay? (State, local, or each mixed.)

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