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I want to feed my sugar glider with something else that isn't insects.?

I want to know what kind of things that can be protein for them, that isn't insects. I don't want to feed them because i hate insects so much.

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    7 years ago
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    Insects are a MAJOR part of a sugar gliders diet. Honestly you need to get over your "fear" of insects for your gliders sake.

    this is like a snake owner saying they don't want to feed their snake mice because they don't like rodents.

    I do want to say I'm at least impressed that you know they require insects in their diet. Most people get sugar gliders and only feed them pellets which is not a good thing.

    I would say look into freeze dried alternatives to the live insects that you hate so much. they make freeze dried meal worms, crickets, etc. Go to a pet store and ask for "crickets in a can" most of these foods are used for lizards or wild birds. Hopefully your sugar glider will eat them. If he prefers live then you really have to learn to get over your dislike for insects. Live insects really are the best thing for him.

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