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Male budgie attempted rape on first meeting with female?

So I recently got two female budgies for my two male budgies, planning to breed them. We gave the girls some quarentine time, everything seemed good and so today we introduced them.

One pair is a little uncertain of each other (mostly the male of the female, she seems to like him quite a bit, he's still not sure what to make of having a girl in the house lol).

My other male, the older, immediately attacked the female he was introduced to.

She at first was interested in him, had been talking with him across the house, etc. But as soon as I put them in the cage together, he put a leg up around her neck and pinned her. She was falling all over the place, he just pushed her around, demandingly.

I'm not sure what to do about it.

Should I simply purchase a new male for the extra female?

What do I do with my current male? Get him a bigger, more aggressive female who might be able to fight him off? Or just forget about breeding him altogether?

I've bred budgies in the past, but I never had this problem before. Even more aggressive males would court the female and if he attempted to mount her she would push him off and he would move, not pin her down and force her.


I'm not sure as the exact ages of the females; I purchased them as breeders, and they were listed simply as adults.

But I estimate that the female who I have introduced him to is around a year. Her cere is a rustic brown, starting to get rough around the edges but otherwise a very rich color. She has no bars on the forehead, and shows a gold iris in her eyes.

The other female (in with the male who is uncertain), seems to be just at the age of maturity. She is a little bit smaller than the older female, and while she is a recessive pied (so no iris will show in her eyes regardless of age), her cere is a pale sandy white, reminants of pink nearer the beak. Her beak is also very orange in color and she has some remaining bars on her forehead.

Both of the girls are interested in the more aggressive male. They chat with him from across the room despite the fact that he is so overbearing.

Right now I have them all seperated like they were before meeting, boys in one cage and girls in a

Update 2: another.

My main concern with leaving him in with the female though is that he will get his way, impregnate her and then skip town so to speak, on his responsibilities as a father. He needs to be around to feed her and help with the chicks when they get older. But I'm not sure whether he will make that committment or just screw her and be done as he is just so hormonal. Or if he will continue to berate her until she finally nests.

I'm heading to the bird farm today where I got the girls, to purchase some boxes, bedding and extra calcium. Should I put them together with a box available and see how it goes? If he is overbearing and continually aggressive with her, at what point is it too much and I should remove him? Will he relax once he gets his "spunk" out?

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    These are the actions of a bird showing it's dominance and in prime breeding condition, all you can do is observe and if he gets too rough after a week . then you will need to separate him from the hen ,Is she a young hen ?

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    Same thing happened to me! He was chasing her all and pinned her! They fell to the bottom of the cage floor and as soon as I put a nest box! Girllll..... Lets just say they are on their third clutch.. ALL FERTILE hahaaa ;)

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