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Baby boy names! please help!?

I'm 16 and 19 weeks pregnant and having a boy. We were thinking of naming him Jason jr. But we also liked Kyle, Austin, and Dustin. what do y'all think. Do y'all have any other names that you think are good. His last name will be hunter

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    Jason sounds nice because it flows well :)

    I think as well :

    Ross Hunter

    Ryan Hunter

    Lewis Hunter

    Mark Hunter

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    Jason Jr. is cute, Jason's such a nice name for a boy. Jason Jr. would be my first choice, my second would be Austin, then Kyle. I don't like Dustin.







    Good Luck!

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    I like Dustin!

    Here are my favorites but all of yours are good!

    1. Ezra

    2. Wren

    3. Joey

    4. Lucas, Luka, Luke

    5. Nathan, Nate

    6. James, Jamie

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    Justin would be really nice. It's similar to Jason but he wouldn't have to be a Jr.

    I also think Austin is really sweet.

    Brandon is a nice name too

    I also really love the name Leighton (LAY - tun).

    GOOD LUCK :)

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    First off, good luck. God bless with the baby. (:

    I like Austin. Goes great with Hunter.

    Names you might like ~

    * Declan

    * Jonah / Jonas / Josiah

    * Spencer

    * Cole / Coulton

    * Malcolm

    * Jasper

    * Uriah

    * Justin

    * Alexander

    * Oliver

    * Elliot

    * Logan

    * Dylan (:

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    Austin Jason. His nickname could be A.J.

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    Jason or Kyle :)

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    Hm.. Naming a baby. I know! Dead Pool Jr. Yes that solves everything.

    ~Dead Pool

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    I think Joshua is a good boy's name.

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