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what new features does photoshop cs6 have thar cs5 doesn't?

I currently own extended Photoshop cs5 and a lot of my university mates are all upgrading to cs6 if they haven't done so already. (adobe more or less give us the products free alongside Microsoft so money isn't a issue as university pays for it).

I'm just curious except from the look of the new photoshop, what other features does it incorporate for a person such as me, that classes my self as a intermediate photoshop knowledge could gain?

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    Adobe is discontinuing the "Creative Suite" line and will from now on only sell "Creative Cloud". So I recommend moving straight to CC instead of CS6. CS6 will not get any more features, but Photoshop CC already have several new features that Photoshop CS6 lacks.

    CC is a subscription service (as a student, you can get a student discount), and it is continously updated to the latest version with the latest features.

    Anyway, here's some of the features (I don't know what you use it for, so listing lots):

    New in CS6 (since CS5):

    * The long-rumored darker and modern user interface

    * Redesign and clean-up of all icons, buttons, dialogs – and new rich cursors

    * New Content-Aware Move, Extend, and Patch Tools, plus better Content-Aware Fill

    * Terrific [DSLR] video editing in both Standard and Extended versions, for many formats*

    * Skin-Aware Masking with Face Detection – auto-generation of skin-tone masks

    * Complete overhaul of 3D in Photoshop CS6 Extended – 1 tool now does work of 14

    * Some great new (and realistic) brushes – Erodible Tips and Airbrush Tips

    * Brand new Camera Raw 7 technology like in Lightroom 4

    * White Balance and Noise Reduction as a selective Brush

    * Text/Character Type Styles and Paragraph Styles

    * Adaptive Wide Angle Lens Correction to fix distortion and straighten lines

    * Enhanced and more flexible Brush Pose, Brush Projection, and Color Dynamics

    * PixelBender now built in to Photoshop CS6 for oil painting filter

    * Rewritten vector engine, real vector strokes with Dashed and Dotted Lines

    * Mercury Graphics Engine gives 10-100X faster Liquify, Transform, Warp & more

    * Big gains in performance throughout due to much greater usage of the GPU

    * New Gradient Map “Photographic Toning” presets and Color Lookup adjustment layer

    * Blur Gallery for creating shallow depth of field, tilt-shift blur and graduated blur

    * Much smarter “Auto” for better starting points and one-click corrections

    * Lighting Effects is back and better than ever, with much improved controls and 3D

    * Completely reengineered and nondestructive Crop Tool, like Lightroom’s

    * Background Save, including tunable Auto-Save and Crash Recovery

    * Integrated Layer Search/Filtering – by name, effect, style, mode, or attribute

    * Easy migration tool that imports/exports custom presets and settings

    * New “Bicubic Automatic” default for Image Size always does the right thing

    * Path snapping & anti-aliasing improvements – critical for exacting work

    * Easy insert of Lorem Ipsum text from the Type Menu

    * The return of Contact Sheet II and PDF Presentations in Photoshop

    * A completely redesigned and enhanced Print dialog

    * Refined HDR tool with better quality including Edge Smoothness option and new presets

    * Timeline animation panel now in Standard version, no longer an Extended-only feature

    * Ships with Bridge CS6, which now has native 64-bit support for faster performance

    * Mini Bridge taps the power of Bridge in a panel, and can now run in a filmstrip

    New in CC so far (since CS6):


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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    The new Photoshop is "Photoshop CC". if you are strapped for cash you should just get CS5

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