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how many regular people do you think Anderson Silva could beat in a street fight?

regular people = 5'10, 160lb, age 35, physically active 2 times a week.

VS Anderson Silva

SETTINGS: open flat car park

WEATHER: sunny.

I reckon he could beat 7 assuming he stays on his feet...he can dodge punches and kick people down...they wouldn't get back up either.


EXTRA DETAILS for anyone interested*********

The group attacking are unarmed, and out to show off how tough they are by gang bashing someone, they don't however have any coordination or tactics...its just a bunch of people with normal reactions...some of them are probably a bit unsure as if they want to just run straight in and get KO'd

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<<<<<<<< I imagine its something like this

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    Anderson Silva could probably defeat 10 people in a fight if they were unarmed and untrained. First of all, its rather difficult to coordinate an attack with even with just 3 people. People have different timings and wills to fight. Furthermore, there's probably only a few there that really want to fight. If AS picks off the ones who really want to fight first, the others will probably just give him props and call it a day. Game Over.

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  • 7 years ago

    This totally depends on how he's approached. If they've planned to attack him and decide to get a hold on his limbs, he's not taking out any. I bring up this example often: I've seen two nurses weighing no more than 115 lbs each restrain a man who was all muscle and probably 250 lbs or more and with no issues whatsoever. They weren't expert martial artists, they'd just taken and hour or two long course in restraint and honestly they could probably have done the same thing without even having that training. Control each arm with the strength of one's entire body and Silva, or any other person on the planet for that matter, isn't going anywhere.

    If these average people are complete idiots and don't attack with any rhyme or reason then he has a better chance, but one should never underestimate the challenge of taking on multiple attackers even if they're untrained.

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  • Jack
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    Do you mean one on one or several at once. I reckon if he's lucky and his blocks and dodges work for him he could take on two. But more then 2? No I don't think so. As you said if he punches them or kicks them they would not get up again. But if he gets punched in the face or in the liver or something he won't get up either. Just because you're an MMA fighter doesn't make you out of steel.

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  • 7 years ago

    If they attack him at the same time I think he could handle 3 max.

    If they attack him two at a time then I think he could take out 6.

    If they attack him one by one at least 10.

    Let's just hope Chael P. doesn't come around.

    Source(s): I have watched a lot of Anderson Silva fights.
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  • 7 years ago


    If 3 or more attack him at the same time, none.

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  • 7 years ago

    Untill he he's tired or untill chuck Norris shows up

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