Poll: Non christians what pulled/pulls you away from God?

I believe the bible has some good teachings like not to judge others and so on but I'm not christian for a couple reasons. I have nothing against people who are or are not but I am curious with this question. Please be respectful and considerate with your wording.


Yeah, some of it should be common sense but a lot of people lack that.

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    Ohh, this is such a complicated question, but I thank you for asking it - I think that by trying to answer it I might actually be able to gain a greater understanding for myself. So here goes nothing.

    I grew up very very Catholic - my father is a big member of the church and is very close friends with the clergy. He co-leads a young-adult bible study group with one of the priests at the church, and has taught theology and religious education classes for as long as I can remember. So, in short - I grew up very involved in the Church, and it was a big part of my life for a very long time. I taught some children's theology classes myself, and often helped my father with his classes. I served as an altar girl for almost seven years. I was oh-so-very proud the day that I made my confirmation, and fully and completely believed in all of the teachings of the church. However, over time, there were many things that happened that made me take a few very large steps back.

    Now, in your question you say 'pulled you away from God' - but I would say that my experiences did not so much pull me away from god, as away from the idea of organized religion (or at least, of Catholicism). One of the things that sticks with me most is that at one point when I was altar serving, we were preparing before Mass, and I was the most experienced server there, so I was prepared to take the position of Cross Bearer (at my church there were typically two candle bearers and one cross bearer. The cross was seen as the 'lead' of the altar servers, having a slightly more complicated job, and tasked with over-seeing the other two servers and making sure they did as they were supposed to). However, at that point one of the deacons came back and dictated that - as there were two female servers present and one male server - the male would preform the role of cross bearer while the two females followed behind him because they ought to be subservient. That, for obvious reasons, left quite a bitter taste in my mouth. Combined with a lot of the homophobic and xenophobic rhetoric that began to enter into the homilies and my discussions with fellow church-members, I began to feel very very uncomfortable.

    Now, I believe it was Ghandi who supposedly said that the problem with religion is that it gets in the way of god. I completely agree! I know that it was the people who were involved in the church that were causing the patriarchal, homophobic, and generally close-minded environment that made me so uncomfortable. I mean, even though I don't believe in God in the Christian sense anymore, I think Jesus sounds like a pretty fantastic guy! and even New-Testament god-the-father doesn't seem so bad either. But the views and political beliefs of the people I interacted with at Church, and the fact that those views and beliefs made me feel incredibly uncomfortable, is what made me take a massive step back and completely re-evaluate my personal beliefs.

    And what I realized is that, yes, I respect Catholicism and other Christian denominations as A way, A truth, and A light, I do not believe that they are the ONLY way, truth, and light. I think that there are many valid spiritual paths, and - basically - as long as a person's chosen path helps them to become a better, kinder, more caring person, and leads them to a place where they feel comfortable spiritually, and doesn't hurt anyone else, then how can that be wrong? More importantly, I realized that Catholicism was definitely not the right path for me any longer.

    From there I branched out. I found a lot of healing and solace in Buddhist writings and philosophy - so much of that seemed to make sense to me. Reading the Dhammapada and the Tibetan Book of the Dead changed my life for the better. Recently that (in a very round about way), has lead me to the philosophy of neopagan earth-based spiritual paths that fully embrace both the male and female aspects of the 'divine', and do so in a way that is so vastly different from Catholicism that I find it very exciting.

    So (tl;dr) I guess when it comes down to it, it was the close-minded environment that I encountered in the congregation of the church I attended that caused me to reevaluate my life choices (spiritually speaking), and from there I realized that Catholicism wasn't the right path for me any longer, and I have since had an amazing spiritual journey that I hope will continue to bless and surprise me as much as it has done thus far.

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    Good enough, i consider Jehovah is the father Jesus christ is the son and the promised Messiah the holy spirit is an energetic force from Jehovah that he imparts to his son, angels and also to persons a good way to preach and fulfill his phrase. I do not think in a trinity given that no the place in the bible is this stated and most christians and false religions base their perception in a couple of scriptures, but do not take some time to learn the leisure because they're afraid to discover the truth. I know you realize your bible but here is an instance: John 10:30 a pastor instructed me to read this and he stated this would support me understand trinity however then John 17:21,22 explains the previous scripture. So how can this be. Correct? And yes most religions have a false notion process and regrettably that's why various persons are doing matters which can be flawed in Jehovah's eyes.

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    I don't believe anything has "pulled" me away. I've always found the idea to be ridiculous (not being disrespectful).

    I've read the bible, and while I agree it does state things that should be common sense and common courtesy for most people, it also has some pretty terrible things in it that people overlook. Example: the she-bears and the children. How could anyone worship a book that condones mauling children for calling a man "baldy"?

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    I got tired of hating my enemies and thinking that they were going to be tortured in endless hell. I couldn't any longer glorify, pray to or worship a god who does that to anyone no matter who they are.

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