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Eastern Europe vs Latin America?

I'm not traveling to any of these 2 regions, i was just doing some research on the internet about both Eastern Europe and Latin America, and people keep saying that Eastern Europe and Latin America are poor, corrupt, and dangerous, but are these 2 regions safe, is Eastern Europe and Latin America poor, medium, or rich, i'm sick of people saying that Latin America and Eastern Europe are poor, dangerous, and corrupt, and i'm talking about Mexico, Central America, and South America, not including the spanish-speaking caribbean countries, only the Latin American countries in Mexico, Central America, and South America, so is Eastern Europe and Latin America safe or dangerous, and which is better Eastern Europe or Latin America.

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    Interesting comparison, and feasible. You have to break it down more though. The two are very comparable, if you do it with the right countries. Let's try this:

    Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico: compare to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus.

    Uruguay, Chile, Costa Rica, Panama: compare to Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Baltic States.

    Paraguay, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Belize: compare to Bulgaria, Romania.

    Bolivia, Nicaragua, Honduras: compare to Albania, Armenia.

    Are they poor, dangerous, and corrupt? Hmm... yes. But they know it, and they are doing something about it. Give them time. These places, all of them, are actually intelligent, and evolving. As to which is better: Still Eastern Europe. Simply because the nature is less murderous; no earthquakes, volcanoes, crocs, snakes, or jaguars (well - only of the Doublesix variety in Europe..).

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    I'm from Poland, I travel quite a lot, and so Ukraine definiteley is not the same as Poland, It's like Poland but 30 years ago and Ukrainians actually need vista to get anywhere from their country, Poland is still developing and in the big cities it's not that bad. The only bad thing is the climate, it's quite cold unless it's summer, however I don't know how about the rest, as I also am willing to visit South America, but I have a lot of friends who travelled there, Mexico is probably dangerous unless you know where to go and with whom not to talk with so pretty much like anywhere in the world, you can get robbed, raped and killed in the streets of NY if you appear at the wrong time and in the wrong place. Oh! Also, Eastern Europe is for sure poor and some Latin American coutries too (Brasil, Chile and Urugway are pretty much developed), it's just that I'd say that they are poor in a "different style". I guess it has sth. to do with the climate and the fact that those guys have the southern mentality, poor and not well - educated Ukrainian would drown his sadness in hectoliters of vodka, latin american guy would do that with tequilla and dance cumbia or bachata, whatever! So if travelling I'd just recommend being aware of the cultural differences more rather than sticking with the "they are poor, corrupt and dangerous".

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    With all the respect, EE's crime rate/dangerousness is nowhere near to latin america. The worst that can happen in EE is pickpockets or being mugged, but nobody is going for ur organs, no kidnapping or open war on cartels. It would be more interesting to compare eastern and western Europe.

    Ppl in east arent exactly rich, but pretty much everyone has a house and farm animals, so again nowhere near the South American slums.

    Corruption yes, thats a problem of both regions.

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    A few places like Kosovo and Eastern Ukraine are currently at war, but other than that the whole continent seems peaceful. It will only be dangerous in Kosovo and East Ukraine at the minute, even Russia is safe. Eastern Europe is what i'd call Medium. Parts of Latin America are Medium, some poor, mostly Medium though.

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    I live in southeastern part of Europe, traveled all over the world, and I can tell you I can't imagine safer place to live. I think that Latin America and Eastern Europe in general can not be compared in terms of safeness. Corruption is problem even in E.E. and Latin America, but also not comparable. Corruption in Mexico, as in many others - especially the South American countries affects all levels of administrative and governmental. Corruption in E.E. is in its infancy if we compare it with the corruption in Latin America. I can't say which is better in general, but if we are talking about which is better to live I would surely choose Europe. Not only because of safeness, but also because of the climate, clean air, the environment, stunning natural beauties ...

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    eastern europe is not dangerous at all. I guess there is a mixture of poor people and rich people, however,people are richer than in south america. I am originally from eastern europe and i can say that when i go back visiting, i spend as much money as in the uk

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    I have been in Venezuela , Colombia , Mexico , Brazil , Uruguay and Argentina , and also between Latin American countries it ca be different , countries like Mexico , Venezuela and Brazil for sure are dangerous (the main cities ) , just check the number of people that are death there because crime , it doesnt mean that you can not go to those counties , but if you go you have to know " where to go " to be safe.

    In the other hand , Colombian cities are quite safe , Argentina in general is really safe , and for sure is less dangerous than the U.S and Uruguay probably is as safe as Canada.

    I have never been in Eastern Europe so i can tell you where is better.

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    Every country in the world is dangerous. The crime rate in Buenos Aires, Barranquilla, Montevideo, etc. Is not different than any major cities in the US.

    Of course there is crime, but nowadays, there is no country that doesn't have it.

    I don't know much about Eastern Europe, so I'm not commenting on it.

    Here, have some pretty pictures of South American cities:

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