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Dog acts like she is never fed?

I know it's normal for a dog to put on a show to attempt to get more food - but this is something different.

My border collie/springer spaniel NEVER stops trying to find something to eat. She spends her entire day this way.

She is fed 3 cups a day of taste of the wild wetlands, this is a lot considering she's only about 38-40lbs. I had it at 4 cups a day to see if that would stop her constant eating but it gave her loose stool.

Any time she is somewhere new, she focuses only on the floor to see if she can find anything. She eats grass till she pukes, then eats the puke and continues eating grass, she eats bark off of trees, she eats plastic, I've even caught her trying to down a rusty piece of metal. If she spots anything that resembles kibble on a walk she will pull my arm out of socket to get to it. She paws at my rat cage daily and will try to bust the door in of their cage to eat their lab blocks. She eats TONS AND TONS of feces!!!

I can't take it anymore! There is obviously something medically wrong, but what could it be? Any ideas, are there tests that veterinarians can do to test for something like this?

She's 9 months old.

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  • CDog
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    8 years ago
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    It could be pica. This can cause obsessive eating. Google it and talk to your vet. Eating feces can also cause parasite infestation.

  • kps
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    8 years ago

    Check her thyroid and the other answer regarding pica is possible

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