1 bedroom apartment ?

I'm gonna get me my own apartment in a couple months and i really want a dog to keep me company

And I'm wondering if a 1 bedroom will be big enough for me in the dog I'm wither gonna get me a golden retriever or something not sure it

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  • Rob
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    8 years ago
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    have u even looked at apartments costs?

    most places Charge u Deposits plus monthly costs

    for dogs or cats.

    here for a golden retriever it is a 300$ deposit

    plus 25$ monthly fee over your rent.

    a golden retriever (most dogs) require at least

    2 full good hours of exercises so they do not

    tear up the apartment or howl, bark all day.

    if u want a dog/animal that much get a low energy,

    low demand pocket dog.

    do your research or u may lose $$$$

    Source(s): landlord. pet owner
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