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Can a humane society deny you adoption because you have other animals?

We recently tried adopting a malamute from our local humane society. They didn't want her around smaller animals. We have 2 smaller dogs and a cat. We were keeping them separate because apparently malamutes have a high prey drive. Not unlike that of a wolf. I understand keeping the animals safe and what not, but my mom has a zoology/wildlife degree and was raised on a farm. She trained all her animals and knows how to treat our animals. We were only a week into having her when they came and took her away because they found out we had a cat (who just had kittens whom we were getting rid of that night). We went down and talked to them about getting her back. We were redirected to 2 different people who both sat there and listened to what we had to say.

I have a friend who has a small dog, who also adopted a malamute from there and told them she had the Pomeranian. It was fine then, but now it's not ok for us to adopt our malamute?? Does anyone have thoughts on this?

We also have two different houses, so if it was needed we could have the malamute in one and the others at the other. They still denied us adoption. And were generally very rude to us. I don't understand why if you want to help animals find homes you can't work with the family to try to figure something out.

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    Yes, they can deny you. And it's sad they did. You have no idea how many animals have probably died because people were denied. DO NOT SUPPORT THE HUMANE SOCIETY. I used to volunteer at one of their shelters near me. They were supposed to be a no kill shelter but they do kill the animals. And they don't do it very nicely. Most of the time they don't even tranquilize them, they just shove the pink crap right in their veins and let them suffer and die if they aren't adopted in around 72 hours. Best thing for you to do is spread the word about this. Adopt a different animal from craigslist or an actual no kill shelter. Just please, I'm begging you, don't support those evil people. Everyone seems to think animals are just a thing to have, get bored of and, throw away. I sucks. More people need to realize this.

    Source(s): I've seen it. It's a sad, sad thing.
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