What does the state of Texas require to sell insurance?

My wife was saying that she wanted to sell insurance, but only after she was contacted for an interview (she has been out of job for three years now). Now she is saying that she has always wanted to work with animals; when we met she was studying theatre. Which career path is best for her to pursue now 20 years after school?

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    The state requires you to have a license to sell insurance. There are two licenses . .. one for Life and Health insurance, and another for Property and Casualty (auto, home, etc.). You have to take a test for each license. The tests are hard, but your sales manager will train you to pass them. The licenses are issued by the Texas State Board of Insurance. The highest paying commissions are with selling life. You have to have a company sponsor you, and they usually require an exclusive contract with them, so you can't just go out and start selling for a bunch of companies.

    The insurance company that hires you will train you in everything. There are no requirements such as college courses, although they will want you to start taking a course sponsored through the local insurance organization (Life Underwriters' Assoc.) within a few months after they hire you. Most of your training will come directly from your sales manager. He will take you out on some appointments and make the sales for you and you watch how he does it, what he says, etc., and then you learn everything from him. He will not let you fail.

    You have to have a squeaky clean background with NO criminal record. It is a very difficult job in that it takes a lot of self discipline. Also requires long hours to start with. Most agents only work Monday through Thursday, and do not work on Fridays or the weekend. But the hours can be long on the days you work. 95% of agents quit in the first year and 99% quit by the end of the second year.

    They will tell you that selling insurance is a numbers game that anybody can play. You make 30 calls, you get 10 appointments. Out of 10 appointments you get 3 interviews. Out of 3 interviews, you make 1 sale. That 1 sale will pay your salary for the week. But you HAVE TO MAKE THE CALLS. If you make the calls, you will make the sales.

    Hope this gives you some idea about insurance. I enjoyed doing it when I was doing it. The company I was with closed down the office in my town and I had to quit.

    All of that being said about the insurance career, she will have to choose the career that SHE wants to do. So, hope she does well in whatever she decides.

    Source(s): Insurance Agent (Texas), 5 years, sold Life insurance about 90% of the time. Also had Property & Casualty license.
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