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I want to travel in Nepal and need advice!?


I'm looking into travelling around Nepal for about 6 weeks at the end of the year. I would like to experience as much of it as possible, including trekking and immersing myself in the culture. I've never been travelling alone before. I'm not sure whether to just go and take each day as it comes or volunteer. Whichever one I do, I'd like to be able to meet up with fellow travellers who just want to experience Nepal to the fullest, chill out and visit all the beautiful sites and scenery. Meeting people is very important to me - if that's a big possibility. I'm not sure how to being planning my trip in the slightest. It's a big task and I need a little direction! Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is something I really want to do. If anyone has been to Nepal on there own, or has any general travelling advice for going solo that would be fantastic! Also, don't forget to mention the places I shouldn't miss!

Thank you

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    I am from Nepal. Don't know much about tourists though. Tourism industry is a rookie business here. I read in some blog some guy going on and on about what he hated about nepal which was about everything. So, it will be a good idea to do a good research since you are planning a long trip. There are plenty of websites run by different private tourism business holders you can simply google and find. The country is poor and just crawling to globalisation. So, you can trust any website with decent look and fair amount of activity. Noone will keep a fraudulent website here. And the country is so small that anyone trying to damage the industry would be immediately caught by the industry syndicate.The government website for tourism is

    Some international embassies have warnings issued against visiting Nepal. that is a total crap. even during the civil war, tourists were very safe here. so, warning people now is just hippocracy. there are quite a few strikes which caused troubles in the past.but they donot affect tourists anymore. so, you will actually be in luck if there are strikes when u visit coz u will have pollution free quiet roads.

    You mention end of the year. not quite sure about that. the best times are of course from september to march minus mid november to mid january if you dont like cold coz you wont find decent heating everywhere. if you came in october, u could enjoy a lot of festive season. you will love the people here. thats a guarantee. there are packages for those interested in culture specially. you can also stay as paying guests in many rural areas with families to know them better (official services). there are trekking routes. there will be a crowd of tourists around the most recommended places of the country. there are also routes which will seem very promising maybe to you but noone will take you there.

    the biggest problem might be getting good guides.

    you will most certainly love to trek around mt everest base.

    there are a lot of cultural sites in and around the capital.

    if you have been to african wild safari, u mightnot care, but you can go elephant safari in :"chitwan national park".

    almost every tourist goes to the city of "pokhara".you had better go to "mustang(place not vehicle)" from there. thats nepal but landscape and people tibetan.

    Although, tourists are charged almost double in tickets, its still very cheap.

    You will find better contacts and info and can finalize everything from tourist sites in nepal.

    But, if you ever get stuck, but want to talk more specifically, or maybe want me to find info for me, mail me without hesitation. i will be happy to help without hesitation.

    i have to say perhaps the most u will miss is not having good/any sites that offer you nepalese language lessons/translation..

    i just wanted to write this so that in case noone else responds u wont be put off.

    sorry i could not be better help. good luck.

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    It is happening wintry weather at the moment so that you need heat garments but which you can buy Nepalese garments and jackets which might be well made and low cost. It takes about 7 hours to go from Pokhara to Kathmandu by bus as it is an upwards mountain trip and the roads are slender. I do not know the rate and i don't advise you to drive yourself in a confidential automobile. In some areas it's only a sheer drop off the mountainside in case you are not used to the avenue. I believe it is better so that you can get your visa earlier than you go, I did. Give them at least a month to get it if you ought to post your passport but only a few days if you're close the nepalese embassy and may apply for it in individual. If you are going for lower than a month sightseeing then a usual traveler's visa might be good enough. I do not know anything about Chitwan. Also I cannot inform you how much cash you want because it all is dependent where you consume e.G Freak street eating places(low-priced) or your hotel(highly-priced). Hope i've helped somewhat.

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    No problem come to Nepal. i am Nepali. a local people Pokhara, Nepal. i have been lots of place of Nepal.

    Nepal is full of cultural heritage..... lots of beautiful scenery we can see here. It is full of Himalayas, mountains hills........ we have amazing and adventures games. like bungee jump, rafting, canon climbing, paragliding . we have only one international airport so, we will land on Kathmandu a capital city Nepal. there is many tourist area and the best place is Thamel. where you can go rest, we all Nepali are friendly in nature. find a guide there by-yourself or you can go and ask for a guide in agency in Thamel. from there you can get all the information what you want to do in Nepal. Don't forget to go can get a guide here also. in pokhara go to lakeside. it's a tourist area in pokhara. if you come pokhara you will really love it

    trekking Go ABC (Annapurna Base camp). go jomsom on the will see lots of beautiful places and nice scenery on the way. it ill be really a adventurous for you.

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    Avoid Westerner tourists.

    do not miss Boddanath.

    Get lost in KTM and find delightful local people.

    Over planning will kill the fun.

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    ofcouse, nepal is beautyful place in the world. so you are welcome in nepal. most travellest place are pokhara, sauraha chitwan, surkhet, jomsom. lamjung ghale gaun, nagarkot. dhulikhel. dharan ilam kanyam tea bagan, etc.

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