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how can I get real deep 360 waves please give me the steps to wavy hair?

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    Just responded to your other posting. Sounds like the first girl that answered thought you had long flowing girly hair!

    But if you want 360 waves you can drown in, check out the guide from wavebuilder on how to get 360 waves at www.wavebuilder.com/guide.html

    But the most important thing to know is to brush your hair. Brush a lot, and brush the right way.

    1) Brush the top forward

    2) Brush the back down

    3) Brush the sides down toward your cheeks

    There's a picture in the guide to help.

    If your hair is coarse, use a hard bristled brush. and brush 15 minutes at a time, a few times a day if you can. Use a moisturizing product like Brush in Waves while you're brushing. It's also important to wolf--that means growing out your hair longer than you normally would. That's how to get deep 360 waves. When you're wolfing you'll want a pomade like Deep Wave to add shine and hold to your hair.

    there's a facebook page and a message board if you need more tips.

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