Can I Reinstall Windows 8 on my SSD?

When I plan on making my PC i am going to put a 1tb hard drive in it and then install this version of Windows 8 on the hard drive.

Then later on i plan on getting a 120gb Samsung 840 ssd and i want to install windows 8 on to my ssd and then use my hard drive just for storage. Will this work or will i have to buy a new copy of windows 8. Also one last question , is it possible to install 1 or 2 steam games on my ssd and install the others that i don't play as much on the hard drive. Thanks

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  • Joe M
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    8 years ago
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    Good plan. Consider that the time you wait may allow you a larger SSD by the time you add it so keep options open to make sure you get the best drive you can in your system.

    There are a few options in your plan. The Samsung drive comes with migration software that would actually allow you to move the installation from your conventional drive to your new SSD. It should have instructions. You can go to the Samsung site and research this process and their software but I think you have to create an account.

    I don't necessarily feel it's a great idea to migrate. It's a definite option and it you don't load a lot of stuff on the new rig it would be fine. The other option is that you install Windows on your SSD. You are buying a license that is for your machine and one installation (Probably, there are licenses that allow multiple installations.) so you are perfectly fine reinstalling or migrating the installation. You can't install on multiple computers but keeping it on the same machine is good.

    After you upgrade to the SSD you will want to reinstall STEAM. I don't know what size you are looking at for the installation of the games but from the brief bit I read STEAM has to all be installed in the same folder. If you install it to your conventional drive then you should have no problem. The link above is a message board post about options for moving your installation.

    Good luck whichever direction you go! Sounds like a good overall plan and I hope you enjoy the new machine!

  • AJ
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    8 years ago

    What you want to do is fine, once you install OS on ssd, you're going to format the HDD anyway.

    I don't think you can do that with steam. You have to set where it puts the games when you install steam client.

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