Terraria help. What can/should I be doing next?

I'm a Terraria newb and need help. I have gold everything and have defeated the Eye of the Cthulhu four times, but what next? In order to get into the dungeon I found to possibly get a gold key, I need better armor cuz I'm getting murdered in there. I could go jungle armor, but that's mostly just an increase in mana. i'd love to get a nightmare pickaxe, and while i have demonite ore, it requires shadowspire or whatever you call it and I had thought the eye of cthulhu dropped that, but he doesn't, at least not for me. I also found a floating island but it requires a gold key which, yes, I need to find in a dungeon. Help! I'm feeling very lost and don't know what to do next.

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    You need to defeat the Eater or Worlds, a massive worm boss, in order to get a Nightmare Pickaxe and Shadow Armor (which is recommended before venturing into the Dungeon). The EoW drops the Shadow Scales you need.

    There are numerous strategies as to how to defeat the EoW, and I won't explain all of them here (go to the wiki page to look at them all), but I will give you some general tips:

    An arena is definitely recommended, and, in this case, two or three rows of floating wooden platforms will suffice. Try to make the arena as long as possible (height isn't usually an issue, and long as you have it high enough off the ground initially, ~20 tiles or more), I'd say approximately the length of your screen will be plenty of space to maneuver. Also, the EoW needs to be summoned in the Corruption, so be sure to build it there.

    As for armor, your Gold armor is the best you're going to get until you defeat the EoW, so you're set in that respect.

    For weapons, the Vilethorn (terraria.wikia.com/wiki/Vilethorn) is ideal, which is a random drop from destroying the Shadow Orbs and the bottom of the chasms in the Corruption. You'll need to use Bombs to get down to the Orbs, they're broken with a hammer, and will give you semi-random loot each time you break one. The problem is, the first Shadow Orb you break always drops a Musket and some Musket Balls, so you only have one chance to get a Vilethorn, as the EoW automatically spawns after the third Shadow Orb is broken (and you don't want to fight him in a chasm!).

    Alterately, your best bet is probably a Demon Bow with Unholy Arrows (which you should have a bunch of since they're dropped by the Eye of Cthulu; you can also craft them with 1 Worms Tooth (Devourer drop) and 3 Wooden Arrows). The arrows pierce through three segments of the EoW when they hit, effectively tripling your damage if you use them correctly. If you favor melee, the Light's Bane also works well if you make sure to dodge the EoW's attacks.

    To summon the EoW, you can either break three Shadow Orbs (not recommended), or craft a Worm Food from 30 Vile Powder (6 Vile Mushrooms at an Alchemy Station) and 15 Rotten Chunks (dropped by Eater of Souls, the flying bug things in the Corruption). The only spawning conditions are that you do it in the Corruption, and it can be in daylight.

    After killing the EoW (probably a couple of times to get the materials), invest in some Shadow Armor and kill Skeletron to gain entrance to the Dungeon, but that's a whole different story...

    Source(s): terraria.wikia.com/wiki/Eater_of_Worlds Personal experience :D
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