Dual Citizenship in Canada?

I'm currently a citizen of the United States, but I was just wondering what the qualifications/steps are for becoming a dual citizen in canada. I do not have any family or spouses that live there, but I do really like the county and would like to become a citizen. My family lives here, which is why a dual citizenship would be nice. What are some benefits and drawbacks of it? also, how do i obtain a student visa?

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  • linda
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    7 years ago
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    The steps required toward obtaining citizenship in Canada which would mean you would have both US and Canadian citizenship - dual are:

    1. Apply and be granted permanent residence in Canada - this could be as a skilled worker or following education if you graduate from a course where you apply for and are granted a post graduate work permit and then meet the requirements of the Canadian Experience Class

    2. After having been a permanent resident for the minimum required time you may apply to become a citizen of Canada

    3. The only real benefit to dual citizenship for Canadian/US is the right of entry, live, work, study in either country that comes with it. Since military service is not mandatory in Canada there is no real drawback in that regard. Taxes would have to be paid in each country.

    4. You can apply for a student visa in Canada if you are accepted by an educational institution and meet all other requirements for issuance of authorization to study in Canada.

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