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How FBI agency works in US ?

is this fully independent investigation body from US government.?? or is it work under the ruling party itself ?? does government keep any influence or interference in working of FBI ??? who is the boss of FBI . the president of US ??

if president is involved in corruption. could FBI holds the power to arrest him ??

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  • lare
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    7 years ago
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    the FBI is an independent agency. its director is appointed by the president, but its first director, J. Edgar Hoover served under Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon. That represents both political parties, and both conservative and liberal governments. If the president commits a high crime or misdemeanor, it is the job of the Congress to address that. A sitting president cannot be arrested but an impeachment trial could remove him from office.

    Except for the director, no positions in the FBI are political appointments, but career civil service. Because it was widely thought that Hoover abused his powers, the maximum term of director is now limited to 10 years. In theory, the director would take advice and direction from the Attorney General, who sits on the presidents cabinet. The FBI does investigate cases of political corruption, including members of Congress and the president should the occasion arise. However remember that the rule of law applies, and in the United States, there are few political corruption statutes on the books. Congress is not dumb.

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    Sure. Which you could be FBI and DEA. Just like a municipal officer can be move educated with the FBI/DEA and Marshals and get called out on special important points. In some locations that you can be move knowledgeable with Blue Lightning which is US Customs and Border Patrol

  • 7 years ago

    Which version do you need?

    The official version or the real version?

    The one about the government investigative agency with interstate powers or the one where a national secret police was needed by the corporatocracy to keep the sheeple in line?

    Source(s): Propaganda, by Edward Bernays (free on the www) The Democratic Facade, by Hellinger and Judd; Confessions of an economic hitman, by John Perkins
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