Do you think Mayweather give guerrero a few mill just to stand there and not do anything the whole fight?

the fight is fixed

i told you many times

that if monkey vs human its a fixed fight

monkey trying to fixed the fight

monkeys are criminals

women beater


they belong in jail

what do u think homies



your a monkey lover

shut the hell up boy

you dont know nothing about boxing

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  • 8 years ago
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    Floyd is the best boxer of his era. Even at 30-something, his legs looked fresh. Guerrero had no answers for the strait right hand. You see, Guerrero was used to being the more intelligent fighter so far in his career, and had no idea what to do against a guy with a much higher ring IQ. He had no Plan B and gave the fans a shitty fight.

    You are clearly a racist who hasn't the slightest idea how boxing works, but I figured i'd explain anyway.

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