Anyone ever used L'Oreal Hicolor?

I have med/dark brown hair w/ 2 year old faded highlights (but the rest of my hair is virgin). I've had brown hair for all of my life and I want something different. Red is my favorite color but I don't want my hair to be bright fire engine red that looks like your Ronald McDonalds long lost cousin or something xD. I've been looking at the color "Deep Auburn Red" and was wondering if anyone used it? - or L'Oreal Hicolor in general, does it come out looking like it says? Which color developer should I use? 10, 20, or 30?

Detailed answers would be uber awesome thanks ;)

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  • 7 years ago
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    Search YouTube for "L'Oreal Hi Color". I also have medium dark brown hair (that's been dyed red multiple times) but I want to go to back deeper red. I searches YT using those words and dozens of videos popped up showing great results. Most people used 30 volume developer and that's what I'll be using when in do this next week.

  • exy
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    4 years ago

    definite it extremely is going to artwork yet beware it ought to no longer finally end up the way you like in case you dye your hair blonde and you have needless to say black hair its gonna finally end up darker then you particularly anticipate so the colour will variety i comprehend from expirience. in case you like a undeniable shade get it one shade lighter so it extremely is going to finally end up the colur you like

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