1. 我同屋企人商量左係下年1月去美國cc讀護士,最遲應該幾時考toefl呀?(因為我想讀間較好既cc,想有多d時間做mock題)

2. 有無幾間較好讀護士既cc介紹(要一月開學既,同埋想要讀完cc之後升間較好既讀護士既大學,邊間cc被較好既大學收左讀護士科)

3. toefl既成績考完之後幾時先會出(HK)?

4. 係咪一定要由toefl果邊寄成績俾cc?

5. 如果我想agent幫我申請學校應該幾時搵agent?考完toefl先?

6. 係咪可以將自己既toefl成績俾cc申請學校?(上網下載番成績?)

7. 如果我俾cc讀完2年副學士,可唔可以番香港讀大學?會有大學收?要大學第一年開始讀?


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  • Gary
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    7 years ago
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    1. You should take TOEFL within 1 year from your admission.

    For example, if you want January 2014 admission, you can prepare and take TOEFL as early as January 2013.

    The actual deadline depends on the schools you apply. Some schools may impose a deadline for accepting test scores.

    2. I never recommend a school (one of the reasons is you have to pick where you want to live first). Beside, you are too optimistic about what you are facing:

    a. It is difficult to get a B.S Nursing in the U.S. In fact, it is easier to be licensed as RN than getting a B.S in Nursing (That's why one of the admission requirement for B.S. Nursing is you have to be licensed as RN).

    b. A lot of community colleges impose additional admission requirement for A.A./A.S. Nursing. Usually, you are required to show you are capable (through courses) in order to be admitted into a program.

    (In other words, if you choose Nursing, you will be majoring "Undeclared" or others after you are admitted to the college and before you are admitted in the program.)

    3. The result, in fact, is issued in the U.S. In other words, your schools will get the result earlier than you (unless the score is available online).

    The score will be available about 4 weeks after you take the test.

    4. Yes.

    5. You can start now. Usually the application process is about 6-9 months from the admission.

    6. Yes and no. Some schools are lenient. But most of them, even they allow the use of self-printed score report, will ask you to submit an official report afterward.

    7. Yes, but not in the case of Nursing. Admission chance is based on your result. You will most likely start in Year 3 (Hong Kong's higher education is now aligned with the U.S. system).

  • George
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    7 years ago


    8. 如何領取考試成績?


    考試費用已包括一份由ETS 寄出給考生的正式成績報告及最多四份由ETS 寄出給考生預先指定學院或機構的正式成績報告。詳情請參閱:

    9. 如何訂購額外成績報告?


    Best Nursing Programs

  • 7 years ago

    我只可以解答你部分問題,因為我都係U.S 返H.K


    1. TOEFL 係香港每星期都有得考,成績大約兩星期內就有

    我有好多TOEFL的past paper and test, u can email to me if u want it.

    2.一般TOEFL 60 分為合格; 每個 STATE的STATE UNIVERSITY都係比較好,




    5.上網睇成績, 你都可以要求寄成績到你的學校

    6.要睇你副學士的成績, 一般都係由year2開始讀起

    Source(s): 剛剛從U.S 返港
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