Slow WiFi, can't even load YouTube videos on desktop? please help!?

Just a week ago, I was streaming 720p HD videos on my new desktop build but the past few days i cant even load 360p videos! I'm using the ASUS PCE N15 WiFi card with and FX 6300 4GHz overclock, 8GB of RAM, and an HD 7850.... And I can't load a YouTube video! The Asus software says I'm getting -66 dBm and a 54 Mbps speed, but anything I download is super slow and I can not stream videos to save my life, please help!

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  • 7 years ago
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    This happens to me sometimes, I live at the lake and its rural. So certain times of the day the internet goes kinda laggy. I just unplug the modem and router for about a minute and that usually always fixes it. I suggest doing that at least once a week to renew your DNS.

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