NFL fans what difference would adding this player to your team make (NO TEXANS FANS)?

What difference would JJ Watt on your team make?

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  • 7 years ago
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    JJ is so good that he would improve any line that he played on in the NFL. My team is the Hawks and if Watt was playing opposite side of chis Clemons with Bryant and Mebane in the middle, the Hawks would win the Super Bowl. Watt is that rare defensive player that can always impact a play and those players are few and far between.

  • DB-C
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    7 years ago

    Giants: He would probably start at LE and get kicked in to DT on passing downs, he could definitely help us advance from 31st in defense last year, but I'm quite confident about our D-line. JJ is good, but he's not that great of an upgrade over Justin Tuck at LE.

  • 4 years ago

    i don't comprehend how many people on the Giants smoke weed. yet i'm advantageous Tom Coughlin does not have plenty toleration for it. in spite of the undeniable fact that, Hakeem Nicks looks and talks like a hardcore crackhead. And Victor Cruz grew up in Patterson, NJ, so he possibly has carried out or been around pot at one time in his existence. And he's not on the team anymore, purchase i could have a problematical time believing Brandon Jacobs became into continually sparkling as nicely.

  • ny21tb
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    7 years ago

    A Great difference. Linebacker, is our greatest area of need on Defense.

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