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Has anybody ever heard of "Digital Hardcore" music?

I've never been a fan of "Hardcore" genres (i like afew -core genres but that's it) but i find this Digital Hardcore stuff interesting so i figured i should look around for other bands to get a feel for the genre.

The only band i know that is legitimately Digital Hardcore is this band i vaguely remember from a Japanese TV show called "Music Station" back in 2011

I'm not sure why, but i like this band (except for the autotune - lord, that is disastrous, and many others agree)

Could anybody recommend any similar Digital Hardcore bands?

(And please include bands that use autotuned vocals - i want to see if that's a regular thing in this genre or not)

(Also, if you know of any Japanese Hardcore ANYTHING bands, then feel free to recommend those too)



Assuming you're not a troll (actually i'm pretty sure you are, i've seen you around this section before), this is Digital Hardcore. Keyword: Digital. You're really really hellful by the way.

And i know what your objective is, so here you go:

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But in all seriousness, you get a 2/10. Your content lacked depth and overall insults, and there are many aspects of my question that you could easily poke fun at. Please an hero or get better at trolling, thanks

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