Information on stating a LLC in Florida?

Would someone please help me!?!? I am interested in staring my own LLC in Florida. My ultimate goal is to start a LLC and under that branch out to rental property,a spa, hotel, boutique and so forth. I would like to know of any helpful sites for information and networking/events. I would like to gain as much information as possible before going forth with my starting a LLC. Thanks for your time and consideration.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Create a solid business plan. Your business plan will set the foundation for the growth and management of your business. In your business plan, select an appropriate business name, analyze your market, detail your product or service and review financing, marketing and an exit strategy. The business plan will evolve as your business grows, but will provide a tool to obtain funding and evaluate your progress. You can visit the Small Business Administration's website for information on building your business plan (see Resources).


    Conduct an online search to check the availability of your selected business name's Internet domain name. Use free resources, such as WhoIs, Network Solutions or Go Daddy, to search domain availability. Secure the appropriate domain name once you confirm the availability of the business name in the state of Florida.


    Go to the Florida Department of State website and conduct a corporation name search (see Resources). The name search will ensure your selected business name is available for registration in the state of Florida.


    Collect the information required to submit your limited liability company registration form. You will need an email address, company name and address, and contact information for up to five owners of the business. You can request a certification of status, which costs $10, or a certified copy, which costs $30, each of which are optional for your records. You can file the registration online or via the postal service (see Resources). The fee to register a limited liability company was between $50 and $125 at the time of publication.


    Contact the appropriate business licensing division, such as the Florida Department of Business and Professional Licensing or the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, to request the appropriate license, if necessary.

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