Is Kim Kardashian the biggest sell for any news or magazine?

There are some morons on Yahoo who continue to ask why news and magazines post so much about Kim.......SHE GETS THE MOST VIEWS AND COMMENTS! She gets more views and comments than politicians or terrorist! They're going to keep riding that until people decide they really don't care. If you didn't care you wouldn't click on the news. It's ratings! And people keep her in the news even though they say they hate her. Yahoo, People Mag, ect gets ratings for it's articles just like any magazine website and the people who write stories about her get ratings for their articles just like a news man who goes out and tries to find a good story. If it wasn't for Kim, Yahoo would fade away. They're already way behind Google. So lets make this clear, they post articles on what they know the public will be interested in, the 400,000 average views she gets and 4,000 average comments she gets is why you see articles on her every week. The reason why you see her in almost every magazine cover is because people will see her and look at the magazine and also check out the other articles in the magazine. It's like going to Walmart to pick up one thing but while you're there see other things you might to get. She brings in the News! If you guys didn't care about her you wouldn't click!

Kim is going to be on the front page of every magazine at the store and online because she has the biggest draw. And once you check out the magazine either at the store or online, you'll have a better chance at reading something else.

Take this for example.

You click on this, and with all the views Kim gets the sponsors have more people seeing their product Gillette and Olay. And Yahoo gets people to also see other articles they've attached with the Kim headline like Style Crush.

Kim Kardashian isn't paying people to constantly put her in articles or the front page of a magazine, they know that right now she is the biggest draw to get people see other promotions.

Can anyone name ANYONE who is a bigger draw than Kim Kardashian? Can anyone name anyone who could bring more people to their website over Kim Kardashian?

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    8 years ago
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    I really don't know. And, I thank God I really don't care.

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    George Zimmerman vs. Trayvon Martin

    Source(s): Yahoo news
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    4 years ago

    human beings in reality remark to assert they don't like her and that she's prominent for a sex tape. She's quite hated so i don't think of she fairly sells that a lot. If tabloids stopped reporting about her I doubt everyone ought to quite care.

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    8 years ago

    Paris Hilton was, till Kim K took over.

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