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apply green card denied overstay 11months?

i had applied green card under my husband, once he got rejected, neigher did I. But due to settle done everthing(selling house ......)plus have no knowledge of law, so we overstay in state about 11 months. Now, I am in my country almost 6 years, and I have been selected for diversity visa lottery, am I still eligible for that? Before I got my green card denied, I got advance parloe for entering the country, at that time still valid for 6 months. Am I a person that will be in the black list?

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    you don't give your country ..but once they run you record or you fail to delclare this incident .. your application may be denied ..but we dont have all the facts

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    Why did you apply for DV Lottery when you were barred from reentry to US for prior visa violations? Even if you have completed your bar to reentry, chances are that you will never be readmitted to the US. Your history of violating immigration laws and/or visa regulations will always be against you. You could withdraw your application, or be humiliated by denial.

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