Pokemon serperior help?

guys my started pokemon is serperior and now is 54 lvl i am thinking to move it from my team because it sucks all pokemon can beat this stupid grass pokemon i need your help what should do with it???

54 lvl moves

wring out

giga drain

leaf blade

leaf tornado

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  • 7 years ago
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    Well for starters you could try to diversify its moveset. Never mind that Serperior has a shallow movepool, there is no reason to give a grass pokemon three different grass-type moves. If you change up its attacks, it will be much stronger.

    You also didn't tell us what nature it is, which can play a big role when choosing attacks. If you're going to ask for team help, be sure to always post natures and abilities.


    - Coil

    - Aerial Ace

    - Leaf Blade

    - Leach Seed

    You will need two Heart Scales to fix Serperior. You can find them laying on the beach of Undella Town & Undella Bay if you turn on your Dowsing Machine. You can also get a free one each day by talking to a girl in Driftveil and showing her a certain move.

    Once you get the Heart Scales, go to Mistralton and speak with the Move Relearner. She will reteach it Coil and Leech Seed. If you haven't already gotten the TM for Aerial Ace, you can get it in Mistralton as well. Speak with the kids in the house by the Airport and then go check the runway to recover the TM.

  • 7 years ago

    LOL the problem isn't serperior, kiddo. it's you for thinking you can win using all grass type moves. talk about a stupid trainer. XD

    Source(s): its not your pokemon, its you.
  • 7 years ago

    Don't blame your partner blame your self,you have to think about your pokemon like why he beaten by other just train harder and do more practice.....,.,.,just do practice bye,,,train your self well.

    Source(s): I am a pokemon user too.
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