What is your favourite Strategy board game?

Both board games and card games.

RISK, Settlers, Life, Monopoly, Puerto Rico, 7 Wonders, PowerGrid, Dominion...

Which is your favourite and why ?

Which one would you recommend to your friends or someone looking to buy one?

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    Out of the choices provided I'd pick Puerto Rico, 7 Wonders and Dominion.

    All three are great examples of Strategy games that you can learn to play fairly quickly and which then lead to learning deeper strategies on future playthroughs.

    Of the three I don't really have a favorite, they're all good for their own reasons.

    7 Wonders is a great game for 3-7 players, and once everyone has learned the game it takes just as long with 7 as it does with 3. If you teach people how to play in 3 groups of 3(you and two others) you can then play a 7 player game and everyone knows how to play. The simple game play and the complex choices of how to react to players attacking you and looking out for what order to build things makes this a quick fun game.

    It has a fairly steep learning curve because of all the symbols used in the game, but once you've learned those it goes very quickly.

    Puerto Rico is a great Role Selection game. It's one of the first of that style of game and it is extremely good still. It doesn't completely stand up compared to some of the modern games that are out there, but for what it is it's great. You have to choose a Role and you get a Bonus for choosing it, but everyone else gets to use that same Role too, so you have to make sure that what you're doing can benefit you more than it benefits others. One of the Roles is Builder, where everyone builds a building from the Supply. The Bonus is that you get a discount for choosing Builder.

    This is a very good game that we played a lot until we recently realized that there were similar games that we owned that we liked more based off of the theme.

    Dominion is definitely the most well rounded of all games that you posted here. It's easy to learn, and you can play that first set up a couple of times until people get used to how the game works, and then mix in other cards to keep the variety high. And the fact that there are a ton of expansions and that most of the expansions are really good is also very helpful to the cause. There isn't really much of a theme to the game, but that's OK, it's a great game without a theme. You start with a small hand of cards and try to use the "money" cards in your deck to buy better cards from the Market in the middle of the table. What you buy can then be used to give yourself a better deck of cards to draw from, making it easier to buy the higher point VP cards.

    If I was suggesting a game to someone based off of these choices I'd suggest Dominion because it probably has the highest replay value, with a close second being 7 Wonders.

    Both are simple card games with a minimal set up to them. They are fairly easy to teach, but you'll always have some players who are hard to teach no matter how easy the game you're playing is.

    I hope this has been helpful. Dominion is a great game, and so is 7 Wonders. Puerto Rico is also very good, but it can be hard to learn for some(lots and lots of choices to make, never really sure of which one is best).

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    6 years ago

    My favorite strategy board game is Armis. There are many reasons why I like Armis best, but it's important to acknowledge some games that have paved to way to Armis.

    I started with checkers, and chess, then played games like Stratego and Risk, also played non strategy games in strategic ways like Monopoly, it wasn't until I play warri (mancala) that I realized that the rules of the game wasn't the end all, ceiling, or fence, instead was the 'don't touch tree', so instead of being guided by what not to do I focused on what I could do then suddenly all of the same games became much more fun, now I could experience "wow factor" moves, and get into "you-can't-do-that" arguments just because certain tactics were not previously seen

    Armis plays like Chess, Checkers, Risk and Stratego all at the same time, it's designed to be a FAST thinkers game, not a slow thinkers game. There is so much complexity built into the game it take a while for most people to learn the game -- steep learning curve.

    There are literally about 2.5 million ways to properly setup, the game board is asymmetric so even though the opposing teams set up exactly the same (not mirror), the Easter sea is a major consideration for setup acceptance.

    The game has three basic spaces -- land, air, and sea. The sea spaces are coastal and deep. The Coast Guard, Aircraft Carrier and Submarine must be towed by the Mover from land to coastal waters, from there they move on their own, the bigger ships to deep waters. The AC can accept the Jet and Helicopter as individual passengers.

    Pieces have different duties, powers, and movement abilities for example the Army could only move 2 spaces at a time and is unable to capture the Diplomat, the Diplomat is able to move 3 spaces but could only capture the Nuke, the Nuke could only travel 1 space at a time but could theoritically capture about 20 pieces in a single action.

    If the President is assassinated the VP becomes Pres where he stands, which essentially extends the previous reach of the VP which is often incorporated into some really cool tactics.

    The game goes fast because there are so many options, the more experienced players learn to use their non-offensive pieces as effectively as their offensive pieces, for example if the Jet is about to capture a Marine, you could place your Media at the proposed landing area to prevent the move from taking place.

    Only two pieces (child and marines) can climb, one can dive (sub) 2 can fly (heli and jet) most can zig zag but all can go straight -- well the Reserve is the only piece that must remain standing at attention until all of his friendly military has made an initial move or no longer in play, this is mainly because he acts as an automatic shield for the Flag as long as they are next to each other. (only exception is Nuke.

    There's even some moral consequences built into it, if you activate your Nuke you lose your own Diplomat, and if you take your opponent's Child you lose your Diplomat and Religion one of which could be protecting a more valued piece.

    I can't wait for the 4 person game to come out.

    I put a link to the strategy missions page so you can see the pieces in purposeful action.

  • 4 years ago

    Well monopoly is awesome but I don't think its classified as a strategy game so I'll go with Risk. Even though half the game is luck of the roll, you still have to use alot of strategy.

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    My personal favorite is chess. I really couldn't stop playing it when i first learned it. I don't know exactly why. I'm just a big fan of strategy games and like thinking alot :P

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